KEYTLaw Legal Services Questionnaires

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This is a list of online Questionnaires people use to hire Richard Keyt, Richard C. Keyt and KEYTLaw, LLC, to provide legal services.  The first step to hire us is to complete and submit a web Questionnaire for your desired service.  When you click the submit button our system will send you an email message with all the questions and information you entered for your review.

Arizona LLC Formation Questionnaires

Services for Existing Arizona LLCs

Statutory Agent & Address Service

Register a Foreign LLC to Do Business in Arizona

California LLC Formation Questionnaires

New Delaware LLC

New Wyoming LLC

Terminate an Arizona LLC

Buy or Sell an Arizona Business

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

  • If you are an Arizona resident take our test to learn who will inherit your property if you die without a Will or a trust.
  • Contents of Our Gold & Platinum estate plans
  • Gold Estate Plan Questionnaire – The first step to hire us to prepare a will and other estate plan documents without a trust is to complete this questionnaire.  Our Gold estate plan is $1,247 for one person and $1,497 for a married couple or an unmarried couple.
  • Platinum Estate Plan Questionnaire – Complete this questionnaire as best you can and bring it to your initial consultation with Richard Keyt or Richard C. Keyt to design your estate plan with a trust.  Our Platinum estate plan is $2,997 for one person and $3,497 for a married couple or an unmarried couple.
  • Estate Planning Questionnaire – Complete as much of this questionnaire as you can and bring it to your free estate planning consultation.
  • Asset List – Complete this pdf fillable form to make an inventory of your assets so your heirs will know what you own if you were to die.

Arizona Real Estate

Arizona Nonprofit Corporations

Arizona for Profit Corporations

Form an Arizona Limited Partnership