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Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt have formed 7,600+ Arizona LLCs & PLLCs because people love their low priced, high quality LLC formation services.  See their 241 five star Google & Birdeye reviews.

Same Day Filing and ACC Approval

Our LLCs & PLLCs are approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day we are hired and paid so your company can open a bank account and start doing business immediately.  

How to Hire Us to Form an Arizona LLC

Free DocuSign Digital Signing of Your LLC’s Operating Agreement

When we form a mulit-member Arizona LLC or PLLC we will arrange for all members to sign the Operating Agreement digitally using DocuSign’s secure eSignature system.  No need for people to sign a paper Operating Agreement in these coronavirus times.  When everybody has digitally signed DocuSign will send all members the fully signed Operating Agreement as a pdf file.

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Warning for All Arizona LLCs Regardless of When They Were Formed

On September 1, 2019, Arizona’s LLC law that was enacted in 1992 was repealed and replaced by an entirely new LLC law.  Although Arizona’s new LLC law does not require an Arizona LLC to have an Operating Agreement Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt who has formed 7,600+ recommends that ALL Arizona LLCs adopt a new Operating Agreement written for Arizona’s new law.  See Richard’s article called Why All Arizona LLCs Need a New LLC Law Compliant Operating Agreement that describes the 19 ways the new law harms people and how his Operating Agreement eliminates the harms.

Members of ALL Arizona LLCs regardless of when they were formed should hire Richard to draft a custom new Arizona LLC law compliant Operating Agreement for their company by submitting his online Operating Agreement Questionnaire.

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Why You Should Hire the Keyts to Form Your Arizona LLC

  • People Love Our LLC Formation Service:  See our 241 five star reviews on Google & Birdeye.
  • Same Day Filing & ACC Approval: We will file your company’s Articles of Organization and get it approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day we are hired and paid.
  • Members of Multi-Member LLCs Digitally Sign the Operating Agreement:  The day you hire us and pay or the next business day we will send all members of multi-member LLCs an email message inviting them to digitally sign the LLC’s Operating Agreement via DocuSign’s eSignature secure system.  When all members have signed DocuSign will send each member a pdf file of the fully signed Operating Agreement.
  • New AZ LLC Law Compliant: Your LLC’s Operating Agreement customized for your LLC will contain language for Arizona’s new LLC law that became effective on 9/1/19.
  • Low Prices:  We form LLCs for $397, $597 (our most popular LLC) & $997 (the confidential LLC for people who don’t want their name or address on the public record).  See the contents of our three LLC packages.
  • Cheaper than LegalZoom:  As of 5/9/21 our $597 Silver LLC package is $86 less than LegalZoom’s $642 express gold LLC package for similar services.  See “Should You Pay LegalZoom More than an Arizona LLC Attorney to Form an Arizona LLC?
  • We Form LLCs Way Sooner than LegalZoom:  LegalZoom forms Arizona LLCs in 30, 15 or 10 business days (express gold package) depending on which package you buy.  We form LLCs the same day we are paid & you approve the information you give us in our LLC formation questionnaire.
  • LLC Attorney Phone Help: Richard Keyt answers LLC questions for free at 480-664-7478.
  • New IRS Audit Rules Compliant: Your multi-member Operating Agreement will contain language for the new IRS tax audit rules that took effect on 1/1/18.
  • Peace of Mind: Your LLC will be formed by experienced Arizona LLC attorneys who have formed 7,600+ Arizona LLCs.
  • IRS Employer ID Number: We get the LLC’s employer ID number (EIN) from the IRS (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Arizona LLC Operations Manual: This 170 page e-book contains the answers to the LLC operational questions people frequently ask us after we form their LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Post Formation Checklist: This checklist describes 31 important tasks that must be performed in first 75 days after forming an LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Unique Arizona LLC Alert System: We send the members 50 informational email messages that remind them to accomplish important post formation tasks (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Do-it-yourself LLC Legal Audit: 83 questions, 32 tasks and 29 alerts that will tell you the legal health of your LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • PDF Copies of LLC Documents: We email digital pdf copies of the Articles of Organization & the Operating Agreement to the members.
  • All Your Documents in a Portfolio:  We send you a high quality portfolio with all of your LLC documents organized behind tabs (Silver & Gold LLCs).
Hire Us to Form Your New LLC

Arizona Has a New LLC Law

On September 1, 2020, Arizona’s LLC law enacted in 1992 was repealed and replaced by an entirely new law. All Arizona LLCs regardless of when they were formed should adopt a new Operating Agreement drafted for the new law.  Buy our new LLC law compliant custom Operating Agreement.

All Arizona LLCs Need an Operating Agreement Written for the New Law

Warning:  Read 13 Ways Arizona’s New LLC Law Harms LLC Members.  All of our Operating Agreements are new LLC law compliant.  Our fees for a new LLC law compliant Operating Agreement are $297 for a one member LLC or an LLC owned by a married couple and $497 for for a multi-member LLC.  To buy a new law Operating Agreement submit our Operating Agreement Questionnaire.

Get a Buy Sell Agreement

Multi-member LLCs need a Buy Sell Agreement because it contains the exit strategy when members need a company divorce. It contains buy out provisions when a member dies, defaults under the Operating Agreement, goes bankrupt, is convicted of a felony, tries to transfer ownership to a third party or engages in any other triggering event selected by the members. See “What You Need to Know about Buy Sell Agreements.”

Keyt vs LegalZoom

Alert for People Thinking about Forming a New Arizona LLC:  If you are thinking of hiring LegalZoom to form your new Arizona LLC do yourself a big favor and read this article that explains in detail why you should hire Richard Keyt instead and pay a lot less for similar services.  There are a lot of reasons why Richard has 241 five star reviews on Google, Facebook & Birdeye.

Common LLC Mistakes

Get a free copy of an Arizona LLC attorney’s article called How to Avoid 15 Common LLC Mistakes.  In representing 7,600+ Arizona LLCs since 1992 LLC attorney Richard Keyt has seen people make these same 15 LLC mistakes over and over.  Richard wrote this informative article so people can learn about the fifteen common LLC mistakes so they can avoid making them.

The Confidential LLC

To keep your name & address off the public records of the ACC when you form an Arizona LLC buy our $997 Gold LLC package.  We create a revocable living trust to own the LLC so only trust’s name is on the public record and the address of the trust and the LLC is our address.  The trust also avoids probate & transfers your LLC automatically to your loved ones on your death.

KEYTLaw’s Youtube Channel

Our Youtube channel contains more than 70 educational videos that explain issues that arise when forming and operating Arizona LLCs.  Our Youtube channel has a series of videos that demonstrate how to prepare the most commonly used Arizona Corporation Commission forms and how to search the ACC’s online database to find information about LLCs and their members & managers.  Be sure to subscribe to get notices of new videos and like our videos.

Purchase an Operating Agreement

All Arizona LLCs need a new custom Operating Agreement drafted to comply with Arizona’s new LLC law that became effective on September 1, 2019.  Hire an LLC attorney who has prepared 7,600+ Operating Agreements by completing his online questionnaire. His two Operating Agreements are: (1) $297 for a one member LLC or an LLC owned by a married couple, or (2) $497 for a multi-member LLC.

Purchase a Tax Audit Agreement

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 changed the federal income tax audit rules for LLCs taxed as partnerships after 2017.  See “LLCs Taxed as Partnerships Must Adopt a Tax Audit Agreement” to learn why ALL LLCs taxed as partnerships must adopt a Tax Audit Agreement that contains language that deals with the new audit rules.  If the LLC does not appoint a partnership representative the IRS will appoint one.  Purchase a $497 Tax Audit Agreement by completing our Questionnaire.

Changing LLC Members

To add or remove a member of an LLC or change the percentage ownership of a member the member(s) must document the change by filing an amendment to the Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the sign an amendment to the Operating Agreement. Warning: If a member terminates the member must sign a document that proves there was a transfer on a specified date.

Hire Us to be Statutory Agent

Hire KEYTLaw, LLC, to be the statutory agent (called a resident agent in many states) of your Arizona or non-Arizona LLC or corporation for $99/year. If your LLC doesn’t have an Arizona address for its required place of business in Arizona or if you don’t want to use your home address purchase our address service for $100/year so the address of the LLC and its members on the ACC’s records can be our address.

Free New LLC Law Email List

LLC Owners Beware! Arizona adopted an entirely new LLC law that replaced prior Arizona LLC law on September 1, 2019. Ignorance of the new LLC law is not bliss.  The new Arizona LLC law affects all existing & future AZ LLCs. Learn more about Arizona’s new LLC law by subscribing to our free Arizona LLC Act email list.

Client Testimonials

In forming 7,600+ Arizona LLCs we have had thousands of happy clients. A few testimonials are shown below, but here is how to access the complete list of satisfied LLC purchasers:

Should You Pay LegalZoom More than an Arizona LLC Attorney to Form an Arizona LLC?

Question: People frequently ask me why they should hire me, Richard Keyt, to form their Arizona limited liability company instead of LegalZoom? Answer: People should hire me to form their AZ LLC instead of LegalZoom for the following major reasons: I’m Cheaper than LegalZoom: As of 5/9/21 my $597 Silver LLC package is $86 cheaper than LegalZoom’s express gold LLC package with similar services that costs $683. I’ll Form Your LLC a Minimum of Ten Days Before LegalZoom:  I form new LLCs and get them approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day you approve your LLC formation information and [...]

We Got Another Nice Review

I don't usually insert reviews I get into a blog post, but yesterday I got a very nice review I want to share with you.  Here is the review: If you are ready to start your LLC, this is the office you need to call. The process is so streamlined, the people are so knowledgeable & kind, & they work INCREDIBLY fast. I was absolutely shocked at how quickly things were done & could not be more pleased. The reasonable fees up front are well worth the potential liability avoided in the future. The items completed for my business by [...]