Talking dog.  188 million views as of July 23, 2017.

Fireman Finds an Unconscious Kitten in a Burned Home

Justin and Emily: The Proposal.  This 27 minute video of Justin’s elaborate proposal has had 11,654,903 views as of September 30 2017 before it was removed from Youtube.  Justin is a professional film maker who used his skills to document his proposal to Emily.  It is very creative and touching.  I’ve watched this video many times and have enjoyed it every time.

Joey Feek sings “When I’m Gone.”  As of July 1, 2018, this video had 18,778,655 views.  Listen carefully to the words to this beautiful song and you will definitely cry.  Cancer killed Joey on March 14, 2016.  Joey recorded this song in 2012, before she was diagnosed with cancer. It was written by a friend of hers, Sandy Lawrence, whose mother was dying of cancer. The song touched Joey, and she recorded it.  The man in the video is her husband Rory Feek.  It was filmed on the Feek’s ranch.  Rory and Joey won a Grammy on February 12, 2017, for the Best Roots Gospel Album for their album, Hymns That Are Important to Us.

Donna Taggart sings “Jealous of the Angels.”  I love this song.

Holly Ann Butcher died too young at age 26, but shortly before her death Holly wrote a very moving letter about life and why we should be thankful for every day we have.

Hymn to the Fallen from the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” The video visits cemeteries around the world where Americans who gave their lives for the U.S. during wars are buried. The first cemetery is Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, at the site of the U.S.S. Arizona where 1,102 men are entombed in the remains of the battleship. The video ends at Arlington National Cemetery where more than 300,000 military men and women are buried. It’s another video that brings a tear to my eye.

Jimmy Stewart’s Poem About His Dog Bo.  Johnny Carson and everybody in the audience was crying at the end of Jimmy’s touching poem.

2Cellos.  Two brothers who are fabulous cello players play two of my all time favorite songs, “Now We Are Free” (aka Elysium) from the movie Gladiator and “With or Without You” by the rock group U2.

Lisa Gerrard sings composer Hans Zimmer’s “Now We are Free” from the movie Gladiator.

Despacito.  The most watched music video of all time is Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. As of June 13, 2019, the video on Youtube has been viewed 6,253,287,392 times. YES that is SIX BILLION VIEWS.  Universal Music says the official version and a remix have been streamed 4.75 billion times since the original release in January of 2017.   Yes that is 4.75 billion.  The video is entirely in Spanish.

Luciana Zogbi.  One of my favorite young singers is 19 year old Luciana Zogbi of Brazil.  In this Despacito video she sings a duet with herself.  Luciana on the left sings in English and Luciana on the right sings in Spanish.  As of June 13, 2019, this video had 43,084,446 views.

Luciana’ cover of John Legend’s All of Me had 89,125,985 views as of June 13, 2019.

Fighter Pilot Motivational Video

I flew the F-4 Phantom supersonic fighter bomber for five years in the USAF.  This video shows some of the things that I loved about flying the Phantom such as flying through clouds, super low level flying, formation flying, dog fighting aka aerial combat, and formation take offs.

Really neat F-18 Video.  This video puts you in the cockpit of a Super Hornet and gives you a sense of how exhilarating it must be to fly this supersonic jet fighter.

The Incredible Nick Vujicic. 65,503,438 views as of June 13, 2019

Olympic Gold Medal Winner Learns She Has a Legless Sister.  The shocking video revealing that Dominique Moceanu has a secret sister, one given up for adoption without Moceanu ever knowing when Dominique was six years old. Her name is Jennifer, and – even without legs – she became a power tumbler, volleyball player, and aerial performer. Amazing story. Dominique’s memoir, Off Balance, comes out in mid-June 2012.

Remember Me by Lizzie Palmer.  Near the end of November 2006, 15 year old Lizzie Palmer, a high school sophomore in Columbus, Ohio, used her artistic talents and modern technology to create an unforgettable video tribute to all of the brave men and women who serve and have served our country during a second time in American history when too many Americans wrongly and tragically believe they can support the troops, but not support the war they are fighting.

As of  June 13, 2019, the video had been viewed more than 33,000,000 times on YouTube. The images, text and music combine to create a powerful message that should be viewed by all Americans.

“I felt like there needed to be more support for our troops,” said Lizzie Palmer. “This video was my contribution.”

Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday showed the video on national TV. Chris Wallace said, “We had decided it was such a special, moving tribute to the troops, that you cannot watch it, no matter what you think of the war, and not be tremendously affected by her message. Uniformly, people’s reaction has been that they had never seen anything quite so special, quite so meaningful. It chokes me up just reading these e-mails.”

The background music is “Pacific Wind” by Ryan Farish.

General Steve Ritchie Describes the Rescue of Captain Roger Locher 23 Days After He was Shot Down Over North Vietnam.  Watch and listen to this powerful video of General Steve Ritchie describing hearing Roger’s first radio call for help on day 22 and the incredible rescue mission that successfully returned Roger to his comrades and freedom.  Steve Richie is the only USAF pilot ace of the Vietnam War.  He was in the same squadron and four ship flight of F-4s as Roger Locher and Robert Lodge on May 10, 1972, the day the two o them were shot down too far inside North Vietnam to be rescued.  Over 150 airplanes were dedicated to rescuing Rocher Locher on day 23.  Listen carefully to the end of Ritchie’s speech when he talks about Americans who risk it all to save one man’s life and freedom and compare that to the abandonment of the four patriots who died in Benghazi because the U.S. did nothing to save them.  See Roger Locher Talks about Getting Shot Down & Evading for 23 Days and Roger Locher Describes Shooting Down a MiG, Getting Shot Down by a MiG-19, Ejecting & Evading Capture on the Ground in North Vietnam for 23 Days.

General Ritchie concludes by saying:

We come to fully understand the effort to which we will go, the resources we will commit, the risks that we will take to rescue one crew member, one American, one ally.  Isn’t it a very powerful statement about what kind of people we are?  About the value that we place on life, on freedom and on the individual? . . . The real mission, yours and mine, business, government, civilian, military, is to protect and preserve an environment, a climate, a system, a way of life where people can be free.

I fought for you.  This video reminds me of the best patriotic speech every given.  It was General MacArthur’s farewell speech to the West Point corps of cadets on May 12, 1962.  He said in part: “Yours is the profession of arms, the will to win, the sure knowledge that in war there is no substitute for victory, that if you lose, the Nation will be destroyed, that the very obsession of your public service must be Duty, Honor, Country. . . . You are the leaven which binds together the entire fabric of our national system of defense. . . . The long gray line has never failed us. Were you to do so, a million ghosts in olive drab, in brown khaki, in blue and gray, would rise from their white crosses, thundering those magic words: Duty, Honor, Country.”

Marine Corp inspirational video – the few, the proud, the Marines.  I don’t know why, but I love this recruiting ad.  It makes me wish I had been a Marine.

Hope for Paws rescues Miley.  This video always brings a tear to my eye. 25 million views as of June 13, 2019.

Hope for Paws rescues Fiona.  More tears.

Pilot’s Eye View from Inside the A-10 Warthog.  The A-10 is a fabulous close air support airplane.  This video shows what it is like to drop bombs, fire missiles and shoot the A-10’s seven barrel 30MM 4,000 rounds/minute Gatling gun.

USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training Class Makes a Graduation Video.  Wish the GoPro video camera existed when I flew the F-4 Phantom.  Love this flying video.