The first step to hiring Richard Keyt to prepare a contract and related documents to buy or sell an Arizona residence without a realtor is to complete this online legal engagement agreement and click on the Submit button at the end of the form.  When you click on the Submit button we will send an email message to the email address entered below.  The email will contain the text of this engagement agreement and the choices you make within this form.

If you hire Richard Keyt to prepare your contract, you must also complete and submit our “Arizona Home Purchase & Sale Questionnaire.”

  • What is the legal name of the person entering into this legally binding agreement to hire Richard Keyt to prepare documents for the sale of an Arizona home?

  • Which option do you want?

    Option 1: We prepare the contract in before you have a deal. We send it to you in Word format with blanks so you can edit it when you have a deal. This method allows you to edit and complete the document when you have a buyer or seller ready to sign a contract. For example, if you have a buyer viewing your home on Sunday afternoon and the parties agree as to the terms of the sale you can immediately edit the contract, print it and get the signatures of both parties on the contract.

    Option 2: After the parties agree in principle as to the terms, we prepare the purchase and sale agreement, but it may be several days before the parties are able to sign it.