See Our 3 LLC Packages & Prices

Why We've Formed 5,800+ Arizona LLCs

  • Cheaper than document preparers for similar LLC formation services.
  • LLCs formed by an AZ LLC attorney who has formed 5,800+ LLCs & who answers LLC questions free at 480-664-7478.
  • We do it all: file custom Articles of Organization & email it to you, give you an AZ LLC attorney drafted Operating Agreement customized for your LLC & act as the LLC’s statutory agent.
  • Members get Adobe pdf copies of all LLC documents.
  • Silver & Gold LLC packages: Hard copies of all LLC documents in a high quality binder behind tabs.
  • Silver & Gold LLC packages: We get the LLC’s employer ID number from the IRS.
  • Silver & Gold LLC packages: Do-it-yourself LLC legal audit after forming the LLC.
  • Silver & Gold LLC packages: Multi-member LLCs have option to have all members digitally sign the Operating Agreement.
  • Silver & Gold LLC packages: All members get AZ LLC attorney’s 170 page book the “Arizona LLC Operations Manual” that explains how to operate your LLC and comply with AZ LLC law.
  • Email tickler system that send emails to members reminding them to accomplish the 34 post-formation tasks listed in chapter 3 of the Operations Manual.
  • 3 LLC prices: $397 (Bronze), $597 (Silver – most popular) & $997 (Gold for people who want confidentiality & avoid probate on death).

See Our 3 LLC Packages & Prices

We Form Arizona LLCs

Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt has formed 5,800+ LLCs because he does a great job and is cheaper than document preparers for similar services.  We have three LLC packages and prices: $397, $597 & $997 (for people who don’t want their name & address on the public record).

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We Prepare Wills & Trusts

Stop procrastinating and sign a Will, Trust (avoids probate & can give asset protection to heirs), Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney to protect your loved ones.  Your family willl pay the price of your lack of planning.

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Free Family Asset Protection eBook

Arizona wills & trusts attorney Richard Keyt wrote a book called “Family Asset Protection.”  It’s a free eBook that explains Wills, Trusts and estate planning and what you must do to protect your most valuable asset – your family – before it is too late.

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We Do Arizona Probates

Who inherits property of an Arizona resident who dies without a Will?  What is probate and when is it required?  When can personal property & real estate be transferred without a probate?  We represent personal representatives in Arizona probates for $2,500 – $3,500 in uncontested probates.

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We Form Nonprofit Corps & Charities

Call Arizona nonprofit attorney Richard Keyt at 480-664-7478 for free answers to to nonprofit questions. See the 29 tasks we perform when we form an Arizona nonprofit corporation for $1,097 including all costs. Our service includes preparation of the seven policies recommended by the IRS.

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We Document LLC Member Changes

LLCs that add or remove a member must document the change by amending the Articles of Organization and the Operating Agreement.  The transferring member needs to sign a document that transfers his or her interest to the new member.  We prepare those documents for $545 including the ACC filing fee.

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We Form IRA LLCs

Many of the 5,800+ Arizona LLCs attorney Richard Keyt has formed are LLCs owned by an IRA account and the LLC is managed by the IRA owner.  This type of LLC gives the IRA owner “check book control” over IRA investments.  The IRA LLC is used to avoid custodian transaction fees & to invest in real estate & other non-traditional assets.

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Buy an Operating Agreement

If you have an existing Arizona LLC or are forming a new Arizona LLC hire an experienced LLC attorney who has drafted 5,800+ Operating Agreements to prepare a custom state of the art Operating Agreement for your LLC.

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We Form California LLCs

California LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt forms California LLCs.  We have three LLC packages and prices – $697, $997 & $1,697 (includes a revocable living trust for a California resident to avoid California probate).  Richard also prepares custom Operating Agreements for CA LLCs.

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Client Testimonials: See our 94 five star Google & Facebook reviews

I’ve been a practicing California attorney for 27 years.  The service has been nothing short of fantastic.  Keyt’s ability to deliver this great service for such a nominal fee including all costs is a testament to his dedication as a legal professional.  Even for an attorney, the use of Keyt’s service has more than paid for itself in time saved and convenience.
Brian Campbell, Family Motor Company, LLC
I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking at scores of sites where one could set up an LLC. Some were very cheap self-service sites, many were around $100-200, and some were even over $1,000. But not a single one of them could even come close to providing the depth and breadth of services and protection that Richard provides.
Jim Jensen
The professionalism and the attention that this firm pays to clients such as myself is second to none. Mr. Keyt’s and all of his staff have made forming my LLC a very pleasant experience. I decided to use his services after spending countless hours on the internet and talking to CPA’s as well as health care professionals about structuring my own practice.
Dr. Andrew Archodakis
After an extensive research of on-line providers of LLC formation services, it was clear that KEYTLaw, LLC stood above the rest. In each case with other on-line service providers, you were faced with completing some of the formation tasks on your own. In addition, as you proceeded through their process you would find additional charges to perform the tasks already included in KEYTLaw, LLC services. The services were executed as advertised and I was impressed with the speed that my company was formed and listed on the Arizona Corporate Commission web site. The Quickstart guide is a great resource that you won’t find elsewhere.
Tom Carpenter
Quality. There is no other word that can accurately describe the level of performance that was performed by KEYTLaw, L.L.C. for me in forming my new Company.  Hiring KEYTLaw, L.L.C. was the best decision I could have made in my new venture.  I highly recommend KEYTLaw to anyone who demands a trouble free start up.
Patrick J. Novotny