Below is a list of legal services Arizona attorneys Richard Keyt and his son Richard C. Keyt provide.  You hire the Keyts by completing and summitting one of their questionnaires.

Call Richard (the father) at 480-664-7478 or Richard C. (the son) at 480-664-7472 if you have questions.  You can also make a phone or office appointment using Richard’s (the father) online calendar or Richard C.’s (the son) online calendar.

When you click on a questionnaire’s submit button our system will send you and us an email message with all the questions and information you entered so you can review the information to make sure everything is correct.

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If you are an Arizona resident take our test to learn who will inherit your property if you die without a Will or a trust.

Our Silver & Gold Estate Plan Packages

To hire us to prepare your estate plan the first step is to complete and submit one of our two estate plan questionnaires:

  • the Silver Estate Plan bundle ($997 for a single person or $1,497 for a couple).  To purchase the Silver Estate Plan bundle complete our Silver Estate Plan questionnaire.  This plan is for people who have important or valuable assets and they want to make sure that the assets are inherited by the person or people they want to inherit rather than the people who will inherit under the law of the decedent’s state of residence at the time of death.  Arizona residents should learn Who Gets My Property If I Die Without A Will Or Trust?
  • the Gold Estate Plan bundle ($2,997 for a single person or $3,497 for a couple).  People who bought a Gold LLC from us get a $500 discount off the price of this estate plan.  To purchase the Gold Estate Plan bundle complete our Gold Estate Plan questionnaire.  If you buy our Gold plan make an appointment for a free 45 – 90 minute phone call or office meeting with Richard C. Keyt by using his online scheduling calendar or by calling our estate planning legal assistant Michelle Watkins at 480-664-7413.  During this meeting Ricky will answer your questions and work with you to design your estate plan.
  • Asset List – Complete this pdf fillable form to make an inventory of your assets to give to your loved ones so your heirs will know what you own if you were to die.

Our Beneficiary Controlled Asset Protected Trust

If you want to give any valuable assets to a child or loved one now rather than after you die then you should hire us to prepare a beneficiary controlled asset protected trust (a BCAPT) so your child or loved one will be protected from his or her current and future creditors, current and future ex-spouses and a bankruptcy court, none of whom will be able to get any assets held in the trust.  To learn more about these asset protected trusts see our article called “Beneficiary Controlled Asset Protected Trusts.”  To hire us to draft an BCAPT complete and submit our BCAPT questionnaire.

P.S.  The trust we prepare when hired to do a Gold estate plan provides that a BCAPT will be prepared for each person who becomes a trust beneficiary after the death of a sole initial trustee/beneficiary or the death of the second spouse when we do a joint trust.

A federal law called the Corporate Transparency Act effective January 1, 2022, requires almost ALL U.S. LLCs, for profit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships file a report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCen”) of the U.S. Treasury or be fined $500/day until the report is filed.  The report must identify all “beneficial owners” and their home or residence address, birth date, id number from the owner’s drivers license or passport and a picture of the owner’s drivers license or passport.  A beneficial owner is a person or entity that owns 25% or more of an entity or that controls the company.

FinCen reports for entities formed after 2021 are due 14 days after the entity is formed.  FinCEN reports for entities formed before 2022 are due not later than one year after the regulations take effect.  The regulations have not yet taken taken effect.  FinCEN has not yet created a system to file FinCEN reports so no company is subject to the $500/day fine at this time.

To learn more about the Corporate Transparency Act go to FinCEN Filer, LLC’s, website and sign up for its free newsletter.  The newsletter has informative CTA articles and it will alert subscribers to CTA developments and when it becomes possible to file FinCEN reports. FinCEN Filer, LLC’s business is collecting information about beneficial owners, preparing a company’s FinCEN report and filing the FinCEN report with FinCEN.  FinCEN Filer, LLC’s has an affiliate program that pays a commission to affiliates who refer customers who hire FinCEN Filer, LLC.

To hire a KEYTLaw Arizona LLC attorney to form your Arizona LLC or PLLC and get it approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission within 24 hours of being paid $397 (Bronze LLC package), $597 (Silver LLC package) or $997 (Gold LLC package, aka the confidential LLC for people who don’t want their name or address to appear on the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission) complete our online formation questionnaire below.  See a detailed explanation of the 10 services (Bronze LLC), 16 services (Silver LLC) and 19 services (Gold LLC) we provide when hired to form an LLC or PLLC.

  • IRA LLC Formation Questionnaire – Also known as the “Check Book LLC.”  Form this type of LLC to be owned by your IRA account so you can invest your IRA money in non-traditional assets such as real estate.  The manager of the LLC is usually the owner of the IRA.  The manager runs the LLC and makes all investment decisions.
  • Hire us to prepare a document that will cause your interest in an Arizona LLC to be inherited by the person or people you desire.  Our LLC Beneficiary Designation allows your heirs to avoid probate if you die. Submit our LLC Beneficiary Designation Questionnaire.

KEYTLaw attorneys provide many other LLC & PLLC services in addition to forming new companies. Below is a list of services we provide for people who have operating Arizona LLCs & PLLCs. To hire us complete the appropriate questionnaire. When you submit the questionnaire, our system will send an email message to the email address you enter into the questionnaire so you can review your information and change it if necessary.

  • Hire us to prepare a new Arizona LLC law compliant Operating Agreement by submitting our Operating Agreement Questionnaire –  Hire us to prepare a custom Operating Agreement for an existing LLC that complies with Arizona’s new LLC law that took effect 9/1/19.
  • Hire us to document the addition or removal of one or more members or managers of an Arizona LLC.  Submit our Member or Manager Change Questionnaire – Members who are being removed should sign an Assignment of Membership Interest Agreement.  This is the document that transfers the outgoing member’s membership interest to whoever is acquiring the membership interest.  If the company is member managed it must file an Amendment to its Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission to add new members and/or remove former members.  If the company is manager managed it must file an Amendment to its Articles of Organization if there is an addition or removal of any member who owned or will own 20% or more of the profits of the company.  If the company is manager managed and any manager is added or removed the company needs to amend its Articles of Organization to reflect the change.  Whenever there is a change in members or managers the parties should sign an amended Operating Agreement to reflect the changes.  You can purchase all of these documents using our questionnaire.
  • Hire us to prepare a custom Buy Sell Agreement for multi-member LLCs by submitting our Buy Sell Agreement Questionnaire.  This is the exit strategy.  Without a Buy Sell Agreement members of an AZ LLC are stuck with each other for perpetuity. This agreement gives the company and members an option to buy or may require them to buy the membership interest of a member who dies, files for bankruptcy, is convicted of a felony or who suffers any other triggering event stated in the agreement.  See the questionnaire to see the 19 possible triggering events you can select.  You can also add your own triggering events.
  • Hire us to prepare a document that will cause your interest in an Arizona LLC to be inherited by the person or people you desire.  Our LLC Beneficiary Designation allows your heirs to avoid probate if you die. Submit our LLC Beneficiary Designation Questionnaire.
  • Hire us to prepare a revocable living trust to own an Arizona LLC or PLLC by submitting our Confidential Trust Questionnaire.  This trust can keep the ultimate owner’s name off of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s website if the name of the trust does not contain the ultimate owner’s name.  It can be used for confidentiality
  • Touch Up Package for an Existing LLC – If you already filed the Articles of Organization purchase our Operating Agreement, organizational resolutions, membership certificates, disclaimer for non-owner spouse to sign if membership will be owned as separate property, portfolio with tabs and your documents, the LLC Operations Manual and our 50 email alerts.
  • Address Service Agreement – Use this Questionnaire to purchase our address service, but not our statutory agent service.

Complete our online questionnaire and pay our fee to hire us to prepare and file the documents necessary to terminate / kill an existing Arizona LLC.  For more on this topic read “What You Need to Know Before Dissolving an Arizona Limited Liability Company.”

  • Application for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exemption Service Agreement – Complete and digitally sign our DocuSign IRS Form 1023 preparation service agreement to hire us for $3,500 to prepare and file IRS Form 1023 to obtain a tax exemption letter from the IRS for your 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
  • Hire us to prepare or review a contract to buy, sell or lease any type of Arizona real estate.  We don’t have a questionnaire for this service because each transaction is unique so we can’t use a one size fits all questionnaire.  Call Richard Keyt at 480-664-7478 or schedule a phone or office meeting with him using his online calendar.
  • Beneficiary Deed Questionnaire – Hire us to prepare a Beneficiary Deed to cause the ownership of Arizona real property to pass automatically on the death of the owner(s) to the heir(s) named in the deed and avoid probate.
  • Lease Review Questionnaire – We review your proposed commercial or residential lease.  Our fixed fee depends on number of pages in the Lease.