Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt, JD. LL.M (tax law) and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt, JD, MS (accounting) created this site because they want to educate people about Arizona limited liability company law and they want to form your LLC. People love our LLC formation service. See our 34 five star Google reviews.

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  • Peace of Mind: Your LLC will be formed correctly by experienced Arizona LLC attorneys
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  • Speedy formation: Your LLC will be formed within 5 business days
  • Low Price: Cheaper than document preparers for similar services. 3 prices: $397 Bronze, $597 Silver & $997 Gold
  • The Confidential LLC: $997 Gold package includes a trust to keep the name & address of the ultimate owner off the public record.
  • Great Service: We hand file the Articles of Organization & will be the LLC's statutory agent.
  • Custom Operating Agreement: Prepared by a tax lawyer who has drafted 5,000+ Operating Agreements
  • LLC's EIN: We get the LLC's employer ID number from the IRS (Silver & Gold LLCs)
  • Arizona LLC Operations Manual: This 170 page ebook tells you everything you need to know about operating your LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs)
  • Post Formation Checklist: 34 tasks that must be performed in 1st 75 days after formation (Silver & Gold LLCs)
  • 38 Email Reminders: You get email messages ireminding you to complete post formation tasks (Silver & Gold LLCs)
  • Do-it-yourself LLC Legal Audit - 83 questions, 32 tasks and 29 alerts about the legal health of your LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs)
  • Unique Arizona LLC Alert System: We send the members 38 email messages after forming the LLC that gives instructions on how to accomplish important post formation tasks (Silver & Gold LLCs)
  • LLC Documents Stored Online (Optional): Access, print & download your docs from a secure online service (Silver & Gold LLCs)

See the Contents of Our 3 LLC Packages

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Although Richard Keyt charges less to form an Arizona LLC than LegalZoom, learn why it is better to hire Richard to start your new AZ LLC.

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Purchase our Gold LLC package for confidentiality & to keep your name off the the Arizona Corporation Commission’s records when you form your new AZ LLC.

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Operating Agreement Horrors

If you are or will be a member of an Arizona LLC you must read “How to Avoid Operating Agreement Horrors.”  If your Arizona LLC does not have an Operating Agreement or if Richard Keyt didn’t prepare your Operating Agreement learn about real life LLC disasters that you can avoid if you hire Richard Keyt to prepare your Operating Agreement.

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Purchase an Operating Agreement

Do you need an Operating Agreement for your existing or soon to be formed Arizona LLC? Purchase an LLC attorney’s 30+ page OA for a single member LLC or his 50+ page OA for multi-member LLCs. Each OA includes 1/2 hour of attorney time to answer questions & amend the agreement.

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Amend an Operating Agreement

Hire us to amend an existing Operating Agreement to add or remove a member, change membership percentages, restrict transfer of interests, require members approval to take action, convert couples’ ownership to community property with right of survivorship or make any other change agreed to by the members.

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Changing LLC Members

To add or remove a member of an LLC or change the percentage ownership of a member the member(s) must document the change by filing an amendment to the Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the sign an amendment to the Operating Agreement. Warning: If a member terminates the member must sign a document that proves there was a transfer on a specified date.

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Hire Us to be Statutory Agent

Hire KEYTLaw, LLC, to be the statutory agent (called a resident agent in many states) of your Arizona or non-Arizona LLC or corporation for $99/year. If your LLC doesn’t have an Arizona address for its required place of business in Arizona or if you don’t want to use your home address purchase our address service for $100/year so the address of the LLC and its members on the ACC’s records can be our address.

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Buy Sell Agreement

A Buy Sell Agreement may be a multi-member LLC’s most important document because it contains the members’ exit strategy. A BSA contains buy out provisions that arise if a member dies, files for bankruptcy, is convicted of a felony, ceases to work full time for the LLC, tries to transfer ownership to a third party or any other triggering event the members want. Ask Richard Keyt about a “shot gun” buy out clause.

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Client Testimonials

In forming 5,000+ Arizona LLCs we have had thousands of happy clients. A few testimonials are shown below, but here is how to access the complete list of satisfied LLC purchasers:

Tax Free Merger of a Corporation into an LLC

November 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Question:  How do I convert my corporation into a limited liability company?

Answer: Two ways – the easy way and the hard, but not too hard way.

Easy Way:  If your corporation does not have assets that have substantial value or contracts that cannot be assigned […]

How a Married Couple Owns an Arizona LLC as Community Property

November 24th, 2016|0 Comments

Married Arizona residents can own property as separate property, community property and community property with right of survivorship.  Arizona law provides that if a married Arizona resident acquires property, the property is automatically community property (not community property with right of survivorship) unless the property was a gift […]

Caution: LLC Membership Interests Held as Community Property

November 22nd, 2016|0 Comments

Question:  My husband and I acquired a 50% membership interest in an Arizona LLC as community property with right of survivorship.  Homer & Marge Simpson own the other 50% of the LLC.  My husband died and my husband’s interest in the LLC passed to me automatically per Arizona […]