Question: People frequently ask me why they should hire me, Richard Keyt, to form their Arizona limited liability company instead of LegalZoom?

Answer: People should hire me to form their AZ LLC instead of LegalZoom for the following major reasons:

  • I’m Cheaper than LegalZoom: As of 9/1/19 my $597 Silver LLC package that has similar services is: (i) cheaper than LegalZoom’s express gold LLC package.
  • I’ll Form Your LLC Much Sooner than LegalZoom:  I form new LLCs every Wednesday and Friday so your LLC could be formed the day you hire me or at most three business days later.  LegalZoom forms Arizona LLCs in 30, 15 or 10 business days depending on the package you buy.
  • I’ve Got 229 Five Star Reviews: Read our 229 happy client five star reviews on Google, Facebook & Birdeye.  As of 1/27/19 LegalZoom had: (i) a 3.3 out of 5 star rating on Sitejabber including 250 one star reviews out of 683 reviews; (ii) a 1.0 out of 5 star rating on ConsumerAffairs based on 190 reviews, and (iii) a 2 out of 5 star rating on FitSmallBusiness based on 27 reviews.
  • I’m an Arizona LLC Attorney who has been forming LLCs since 1992: I have formed 7,400+ Arizona LLCs since I started counting in 2002.

  • I do not disclaim responsibility for my services: I don’t require my clients to agree to disclaimers like the following found in bold text in LezalZoom’s “Terms of Service Agreement“:

I understand and agree that LegalZoom is not a law firm or an attorney, may not perform services performed by an attorney, and its forms or templates are not a substitute for the advice or services of an attorney. Rather, I am representing myself in this legal matter.”

Why would you hire a company that tells you it is “not a substitute for the advice or services of an attorney.”  Isn’t LegalZoom advising people to hire an attorney to form their LLC?  That language should cause people to run away, run away and hire an LLC attorney to form their LLC.

  • I Answer Arizona LLC Questions for Free: My son Arizona LLC attorney and former CPA Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) and I (480-664-7478) answer LLC questions for free.  I don’t know if LegalZoom answers LLC questions, but if it does, do you really want a nameless LegalZoom sales rep with unknown AZ LLC experience to answer Arizona LLC questions?

See a summary of services we provide with our three LLC formation packages and detailed contents of the Bronze ($397), Silver ($597) & Gold ($997) LLC Packages.

Hire LLC Attorney Richard Keyt to Form an LLC

To hire Richard take five minutes and complete our online LLC Formation Questionnaire.

Compare the LLC Formation Services of Richard Keyt vs. Legalzoom

LLC Formation ServiceRichard KeytLegalZoom
LLC Formation ServiceRichard KeytLegalZoom

LLC formation package as of 1/20/19

Silver $597

Express Gold $349

Fee to file the Articles of Organization with the ACC on an expedited basis



Statutory agent service for the first year. Arizona LLC law requires all AZ LLCs have a statutory agent.



Operating Agreement & EIN from the IRS



Total cost to form an AZ LLC with similar formation services



Additional cost to use LegalZoom


Unlimited phone calls with an AZ LLC attorney who has formed 7,400+ LLCs to answer your LLC questions for free


Name selection advice from an AZ LLC attorney


Confirm LLC's name with Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)

Prepare and file ACC's form Articles of Organization

not used

Prepare custom Attorney researched 4 page Articles of Organization with provisions that tie into corresponding provisions in the Operating Agreement


Attorney prepared 35 page custom Operating Agreement written for a single member or husband and wife owned LLC

one size fits all

Attorney prepared 55 page custom Operating Agreement written for a multi-member LLC

one size fits all

Experience of the person who prepares the Operating Agreement

Richard Keyt has prepared 7,400+ Operating Agreements?

Members get the Arizona LLC Operations Manual, a 170 page book written by an Arizona LLC attorney who has formed 7,400+ AZ LLCs. See the Operations Manual


Members get 50 post LLC formation email alerts reminding them to complete various tasks


Members get Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt's free 83 question do-it-yourself comprehensive LLC legal audit


In addition to hard copies of all LLC documents members get digital pdf copies of the documents.


The Operating Agreement can be digitally signed using DocuSign.


Checklist of 29 tasks that the LLC must accomplish in the first 75 days after formation and the deadline for performing each task


Membership certificates for each member

Worthless, but cool looking seal that has no legal significance under AZ LLC law that misleads people into thinking it has value


LLC portfolio that contains the LLC's formation documents organized behind tabs

How to Hire Richard Keyt to Form Your Arizona LLC

To hire Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt (7,400+ LLCs formed) to form your LLC select one of the following options. Your LLC will be formed and can open its bank account the next Friday after we are hired. See the “Contents of the Bronze ($397), Silver ($597) & Gold ($997) LLC Packages.

Option 1: Quickest, Easiest & Most Popular – Telephone (Mon – Fri 8 am – 5 pm). Call and give your information to:

  • Richard Keyt – 480-664-7478
  • Arizona LLC attorney and former CPA Richard C. Keyt – 480-664-7472
  • LLC legal assistant Rachel LeBeau - 480-664-7846

Option 2: Online – Available 24/7

Call Us if You Have any Questions

Call Arizona LLC attorneys Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) or his father Richard Keyt (480-664-7478) if you have any questions about forming or operating an Arizona limited liability company. They don’t charge to answer questions over the phone.

For People Who Want to Form an LLC Themselves

If you think you might want to create a do-it-yourself Arizona LLC you must read Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “Step by Step Guide: How to Form Arizona LLC 2019 in (6 Easy Steps).”