LLC Member Change Questionnaire

LLC Member Change Questionnaire2018-06-29T14:34:08+00:00

Complete this short questionnaire to give Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt the information he needs add or remove one or more members of an Arizona limited liability company or to change the percentage ownership of one or more members of an LLC.

Note: Fields marked with a * are mandatory.  If you don’t finish this Questionnaire click on the link at the end of the Questionnaire that says “Save and Continue Later.” Clicking that link will save your data and give you a link you can copy and save to return later and complete the Questionnaire.

This Questionnaire collects the information we need to prepare your change of member documents. When you click on the Submit Questionnaire button at the end of the Questionnaire we will send an email message to the person you designate at the end of the Questionnaire to receive the message. Please review the email message and click on Reply and send us an email message if you want to change anything in the Questionnaire.