This website contains a lot of reasons why you should hire Arizona LLC lawyer Richard Keyt to form your new Arizona LLC.  If haven’t decided to hire Richard take a few minutes and read our 349 five star Google, Facebook & Birdeye reviews, watch the video testimonials below and read the text testimonials below (they follow the videos) from some of our 9,000+ LLC purchasers who loved our LLC formation services.

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Video Testimonials about Arizona LLC Attorney Richard Keyt’s LLC Formation Services

Len White Bear – 3 KEYTLaw formed LLCs

Brian Kramer – BLK Financial Advisors, LLC

Lynn Root – LRTC, LLC

Vincent Tocco – Front Office Staff, LLC

Doug Reynolds – Reynolds Manufacturing, LLC

Richard Balk – Lars Enterprises, LLC

Text Testimonials about Arizona LLC Lawyer Richard Keyt’s LLC Formation Services

  • I’ve been a practicing California attorney for 27 years.  I came across Richard Keyt’s website while reviewing options for forming a business in Arizona.  I was thoroughly impressed with the way all relevant issues were comprehensively explained in the website and links were provided for further research and inquiry.  I proceeded with retaining Keyt for the formation of the LLC.  The service has been nothing short of fantastic.  In a world were it can be hard to communicate with an attorney, I received prompt updates on status together with detailed instructions on required actions and recommendations.  Questions that I have had were promptly resolved through email communication. Keyt’s ability to deliver this great service for such a nominal fee including all costs is a testament to his dedication as a legal professional.  Even for an attorney, the use of Keyt’s service has more than paid for itself in time saved and convenience.  I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone forming a business in Arizona. — J. Brian Campbell, Family Motor Company, LLC
  • I would highly recommend Richard Keyt’s LLC formation services to anyone who wants to set up a nearly bulletproof LLC in Arizona.  I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking at scores of sites where one could set up an LLC. Some were very cheap self-service sites, many were around $100-200, and some were even over $1000.  But not a single one of them could even come close to providing the depth and breadth of services and protection that Richard provides in the LLC he creates for you.  Almost all of the others focused on the Phase 1 Articles of Organization, with little to no emphasis on Phase 2 and the Operating Agreement.  However, my goal was to set up an LLC with an Operating Agreement that provided maximum protection in accordance with the specific laws of Arizona, and that’s just what Richard provides.  And he’ll answer all your LLC-related questions for free – where else can you find an attorney that will do thatJim Jensen – JMJ Fabulous Properties, LLC.
  • The professionalism and the attention that this firm pays to clients such as myself is second to none. Mr. Keyt’s and all of his staff have made forming my LLC a very pleasant experience.  I decided to use his services after spending countless hours on the internet and talking to CPA’s as well as health care professionals about structuring my own practice. Although there are ways that one can go through this process by paying a very low fee and hiring online help, there are potential risks that could surface later due to lack of Arizona state law knowledge or lack of experience in this field. My decision was based on wanting to “do things right rather than save a few dollars and cut comers. The abundant amount of information available on Mr, Keyt’s website helped steer me in the right direction and the excellent manual that is available as well prove that this gentleman “knows his stuff.” As the son of an ex-Air Force officer myself I can tell you with confidence that if the Air Force trusted Richard with flying their multi-million dollar fighter aircraft then you can certainly trust him with helping you form your limited liability company. — Dr. Andrew Archodakis, Hippocrates Physiotherapy, LLC.
  • After an extensive research of on-line providers of LLC formation services, it was clear that KEYTLaw, LLC stood above the rest. In each case with other on-line service providers, you were faced with completing some of the formation tasks on your own. In addition, as you proceeded through their process you would find additional charges to perform the tasks already included in KEYTLaw, LLC services. The services were executed as advertised and I was impressed with the speed that my company was formed and listed on the Arizona Corporate Commission web site. The Quickstart guide is a great resource that you won’t find elsewhere. I am very satisfied with the services performed and would use KEYTLaw, LLC again. I also would recommend their service to anyone looking to form a LLC. The service was great. Thank You. — Tom Carpenter, Technology Assets Service, LLC
  • After speaking to several, do it yourself LLC services and other attorneys, I was referred to Richard Keyt.  In fact it was another LLC attorney who I was talking to about my LLC who surprisingly told me to check out Richard’s website.  After reading over the website, I gave Richard a call and he actually answered the phone. After speaking to him I was convinced that he was the expert I needed.  The whole process was completed in half the time everybody else was quoting. The quality of all my LLC documents is superior.  I thought his fee was very reasonable considering all that he did and everything that he provided to my company.   I was very impressed and I highly recommend his services to anyone needing to form an LLC. If the need arises in the future, I will definitely be back to see Richard Keyt.  Sincerely.  Mitch Bialecki – Debt Relief, LLC
  • Quality….There is no other word that can accurately describe the level of performance that was performed by KEYTLaw, L.L.C. for me in forming my new Company.  Now after my Company was successfully formed, I feel very comfortable to know that I can quickly refer to the Firms Quick Start Guide and the 10 Critical Facts Every L.L.C. Owner Must Know to have the knowledge to successfully operate my business within the law. Hiring KEYTLaw, L.L.C. was the best decision I could have made in my new venture. Accuracy, timeliness, performance, and quality customer service, I highly recommend KEYTLaw to anyone who demands a trouble free start up. Now if only going to the dentist was this painless. — Patrick J. Novotny, West Valley Nitrogen, L.L.C.
  • I contacted KEYTLaw after searching the internet for information regarding setting up an LLC in Arizona. The KEYTLaw website was very informative, providing details about several entity options. I decided to use the services of KEYTLaw for my LLC set up and sent an email to Mr. Keyt and received a call back within a few minutes to go over my questions. I sent my LLC set up information in the morning and received my Articles of Organization in the afternoon with a stamp from the ACC.  I received my entire LLC documents and binder two days later.  The documents were very thorough and organized.  The package includes a “Quick Start” guide, which is extremely informative and answered most of my questions.  So pleased with their product and service, going forward I am going to have KEYTLaw review any business documents and contracts.  I would recommend KEYTLaw to anyone looking to set up an LLC in ArizonaRichard Balk – LARS Enterprises, LLC
  • As soon as I sent Mr. Keyt and his team the information they needed to start my LLC they went right to work. It was filed with tile ACC (Arizona Corporate Commission) immediately. I was e-mailed the QSG (Quick Start Guide) this guide is worth its weight in gold!  It is chock full of information to help you get started. It’s very informative with the aspect of what you need to do first off when forming an LLC.  I had two questions to ask Mr. Keyt, one of them I called and the other one I e-mailed him. Both times my questions where answered immediately. Within a week I received my LLC’s Portfolio which included Articles of Organization, Quick Start Guide (set up for my company), Operating Agreement, Minutes & Resolutions, Membership Certificates, Transfer Ledger, Agreements, Tax Matters, Miscellaneous items. I’m well set now with the knowledge and tools to help me start and be successful in my newly formed LLC. Thank you Richard Keyt @ KEYTLaw. LLC. It was money well spent, and I would recommend his services to anyone thinking about starting an LLC. — Vorn Hause Gruver Rottweilers, LLC
  • My suggestion to those looking to form an LLC in the State of Arizona would be to obtain the services of “Richard Keyt’s Arizona LLC Formation Service.”  The timeliness of the service was excellent from start to finish and my LLC was formed and approved within 4 calendar days.  The quality of the documents I have received far surpasses those that the State of Arizona provides and they provide a great piece of mind in knowing that my LLC is formed on a solid foundation.  The details and suggestions in the Quick Start Guide are definitely worth the stand alone price in itself.  The fact that you have a hardcopy for each of the documents received as well as a searchable electronic copy for easy reference at your fingertips is an added bonus.  The approved AAO can also be scanned as a personal electronic copy as well.  The timely newsletter/emails are a great reminder of some important milestones and activities that occur during the first few weeks of a newly formed business.  These reminders have helped me stay the course while providing great reminders as I am balancing the needs of my clients with the dally financial and legal obligations of my dally business operation.  If you spend the time to get your LLC formed right the first time with solid documentation and information backed by years of legal LLC formation experience provided by Richard Keyt’s Arizona LLC formation service, you can focus the rest of your days on running your business, generating revenue and taking care of your customers.  — Daniel R. Mangru, 7 Intelligent Enterprises, LLC.
  • Keyt’s LLC formation services have been stellar to say the least. Thus far it has been a quick and painless procedure. We started with our original application on the 21st of January after a referral from a business associate. By the 23rd our Articles of Organization had already been submitted and our EIN request filed for us. On the 28th we received our EIN and by doing so were put in a position to begin operations for our purposes. The entire process had taken less than a week to get the LLC registered and operating so I am pleased and grateful for their diligence. I have been so impressed with regard to speed and accommodation that I have already started the process of forming my new PLLC with them as well. I plan on taking full advantage of the services offered as well as the consistent availability for counsel, questions and concerns. With that said I will be referring anyone interested in doing the same without doubt as to the care that will be provided. — David Carini, DaViCa Enterprises, LLC
  • As I was looking to start up my own business, I found many websites with information to form an LLC in the state of Arizona. After researching all the necessary information and the time I had available, which was very limited, I found a one stop shop that stream lined all the necessary paperwork I would be required to file to obtain the LLC for my company. I called Richard Keyt on a Wednesday and two days later I was the proud owner of my company. Richard is very knowledgeable about what it takes to being the process of starting a business. He answered all my many questions without hesitation and actually assisted me in locating additional attorneys for trademarks and patents. Richard took care of everything. The paperwork filing, publishing my information in the local newspaper and I received a leather bound book outlining my LLC and necessary information I would need in the future. Everything was done in record time and I am now a business owner! This is the best investment I could have made for my company. I would recommend Richard to others and would use his services again to form additional companies.– Rene M. Oehm, D-Tox Spa LLC
  • We became acquainted with Richard Keyt through the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association here in Phoenix and had heard good things about him and his office, He proved the recommendations correct. The ease with which we were able to complete our LLC formation, the timeliness of the document delivery to us for review and the thoroughness of the information was amazing. We have plans to form another LLC and will be calling Richard. We have already told 3 other people about his services and the professional service we received and will continue to recommend him and his office.  — Beth Fitzpatrick, Fountainhead Enterprises, LLC
  • My wife and I are Canadian investors who needed an experienced lawyer to form our LLC’s.  It was a stroke of luck when we located Richard Keyt’s law website.  I found the website information to be clear, concise, and with a format that made information very easy to find.  Mr. Keyt himself was a pleasure to deal with as he took the time to personally answer our numerous questions over the phone and via e-mail.  Once we decided to use his services; Mr. Keyt delivered on everything that he had promised.  Our articles were filed immediately, they were arranged in an elegant business binder, and delivered to our doorstep within 5 business days.  — John McClellan, CCT Investments, LLC
  • KEYTLaw provides a very prompt and complete service. The Quick Start Guide is a thorough and well organized resource for starting and operating a business in Arizona. As a very detailed person, I had only one question, which Richard responded to promptly. The staff is knowledgeable, available, and courteous. I am confident that the official starting point for my business was well done. — Wally Neal, Arvilla, LLC
  • KEYTLaw was definitely the right choice for me in my first experience with setting up an LLC.  I received the personal start up support that I needed while getting a very thorough and professional approach.  The follow through to make sure that I star on the right track has been super.  I have recommended to my son that he use KEYTLaw, knowing that he will be in good hands.  Kirk King – Royal King Properties, LLC.
  • The KEYTLaw LLC formation system is exceptional from the personal discussions with Richard and Katie to the process ease. The system is highly automated including, submission, payment, email responses, alerts, to dos, status updates, news letters and related. Thank you for setting up this LLC at a fair price with minimal effort on my side.  Dan Dangelo – Design Refine – Refine Design, LLC.
  • I recently formed a new LLC through Richard Keyt and his firm. The process was fast and easy and Richard was accessible for the few questions I had during the process. I would use Richard again for any LLC or company formation needs that I had.  Brian Kramer – BLK Financial Advisors, LLC.
  • Richard Keyt’s service is second to none I recently found them from a Google search and called them when I called I was surprised that Mr. Keyt actually answered his phone and took about an hour of his time to go over my LLC formation with me, with a little skepticism I hired them, Wow!! was I pleasantly surprised how fast they got my lie formed they did everything they said they would do plus more. I strongly recommend anyone who is incorporating in Arizona to use Keytlaw’s service. Thanks for your great service Richard and Katie.  Don Pederson, Manager – 3C Ventures L.L.C.
  • Dear Richard Keyt, et al You and Katie have been awesome. I have very high expectations, and you have far exceeded them. I have been very pleased with your level of service and the vast amount of communication, knowledge, and assistance you have provided me in my venture to create an LLC for my rental property. You have walked step by step with me in the process and provided over and above communication of next steps and reminders. The information that you provide has truly been invaluable. I strongly encourage all potential clients that are interested in creating an LLC, to hire your firm. They will not be disappointed. Thank you very much for your awesome service to the business community!  Andrew Mantik – Superstition Foothills Properties, LLC.
  • I am very pleased with the fast, efficient and professional service I have received from KEYTLaw, LLC.  The format of the LLC documents is easily understood and provides the user with detailed information about completion of critical components to ensure that a newly formed company moves forward smoothly.  I will most certainly use the services of KEYTLaw, LLC, in the future.  I would recommend Richard Keyt’s LLC formation services to other people without hesitation.  Morgan Rockerbach – AZ Desert Home, LLC.
  • I am very pleased with the service. My company was formed quickly and I received the related documentation, EIN, etc, in days. I am completely satisfied with the services provided and would be pleased to recommend Richard Keyt’s services to any business associate.  Richard Stutz – RESTEC, LLC.
  • I am completely satisfied with Richard Keyt’s services. In fact, this morning I was speaking with other members of the LLC, and we were all commenting on how professionally and timely everything was handled by Rick’s law firm. I am more satisfied by the continuing follow-up I receive from Rick. In a way, it seems he is as interested in our success as are we. We are grateful for that and believe if problems should appear, Rick will always be there to help us through. I would recommend Rick’s law firm without hesitation to anyone who asked.  Lynn Root – LRTC, LLC.
  • Richard and his staff are efficient, courteous and I would not hesitate to recommend them to family, friends, and business associates.  The materials provided were professional and concise.  Joan G. Thompson, Manager – Prime Example Holdings, LLC.
  • Thank you for a very quick, smooth, easy and affordable LLC formation.  Your office was very helpful and courteous and your website is very informative.  I would use your company services again for my next LLC.  John D. Black – 4 New Walls, LLC.
  • The LLC was formed very quickly and the service was professional.  Richard Keyt handled everything for us.  Rishank Baweja – Eschelon Financial Group, LLC.
  • Richard’s online website made it incredibly easy to form my LLC. The service was outstanding and all required documents were filed immediately. I received the Articles of Organization, which were tailored for Protect-My-Retirement-Funds, in a matter of days and was able to open my bank account immediately as a result. The follow-up by Richard’s office staff was amazing. The Quick Start Guide and the Operating Agreement that they provided were very professionally done and easy to read and to follow. I look forward to working with them again as we grow the business. If the opportunity to form another LLC presents itself in the future, I will unquestionably use Richard’s service again. It is so rare nowadays to receive the kind of service that he and his staff provide. Once you’ve found that, you don’t want to go anywhere else. I highly recommend them.  William Earle – Protect-My-Retirement-Funds, LLC.
  • The service was excellent and exactly as the web site explained.  Katie was more than helpful and very responsive.  I would absolutely use this service again & recommend it highly to anyone else.  Stanley D. Zimmerman – Gold Stop, LLC.
  • I was very pleased with the services provided by Richard Keyt and his staff. The LLC formation process occurred very quickly and without incident. The e-mail messages provided during and after the process are very relevant and timely. I recommend anyone who is considers the LLC structure consider partnering with Richard Keyt and staff to ensure the process occurs quickly and without challenges. David McEldowney – DMc Strategic IT Consulting, LLC
  • I have been more than satisfied with Richard Keyt1s formation of my new LLC. The service has been exceptional – I spoke to Richard Keyt directly each time I called in with a question. Each step of the formation process was performed accurately and in a timely manner. I have been pleasantly surprised at the extent to which KEYTLaw has kept me informed every step of the way. I would recommend KEYTLaw without reservation – and would definitely use his services again.  Donna Menner – Modern Senior Products, LLC.
  • In less then a week we were up and running!  Mr. Keyt personally answered numerous questions we had while providing all the right answers.  This allowed us to relax and feel confident knowing that our LLC was being formed professionally and in a timely manner.  I feel that Mr. Keyt and his office went above and beyond exceeding our expectations and we will definitely use Richard Keyt’s legal services again.  Salvatore Friscia – The Friscia Group One, LLC
  • KeytLaw not only made the application process simple, they did the legwork promptly and kept me informed and advised in a way that I could understand. The ongoing reminders and advise in the newsletter is immensely helpful.  Richard B. Troxell – Southwest Aviation Rework, LLC
  • My LLC was taken care of very quickly. I received the articles of incorporation stamped by the commission within two days and had the nice binder of LLC paperwork and guides by the end of the week. My calls are always returned quickly and the information is top notch. I come away from phone calls with all my questions answered.  Vincent Tocco – Approbo Properties, LLC
  • Richard did a great job and made it so easy to understand.  I would highly recommend his services to other people. Jerry Stagg – BNJ Pepper, LLC
  • A very smooth process, great advice and simple. Complete confidence in the results. Would definitely use this service again and recommend to others.  Steve Hogan – GOATS, LLC
  • On or about March 13, 2009, I was in the process of preparing for completion of a real estate transaction in Arizona. I had decided earlier in the week that I would register an Arizona LLC. Two other lawyer’s names had been provided to me by the realtor, and after phoning both, it was necessary to leave messages, but neither returned the calls. I spoke to an accountant in Canada, who passed on to me the name of Richard Keyt as well as his web site. I completed the on line agreement late Friday. On Monday, March 16,2009 the LLC was registered and I was able to provide the escrow agent with the necessary information for registration of the property directly into the LLC. I have been very pleased also with the resource information supplied by KEYTLaw on an ongoing basis.  Carl D. Rusnell, C.A., – Fernwood Developments (USA) Ltd., LLC.
  • Short and sweet, believe what the man says! He and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. His firm took care of all the details that are required to form an LLC. All was done at a fair price.  I ran a small mail order/ internet business for 30 years in the mid-west. Upon moving to Arizona earlier this year, I wanted to continue the business. I saw Richard Keyt’s advertising and contacted him. I was impressed with what his service provides.  I heartily recommend his firm’s services to anyone wanting to form a limited liability company. — David A. Davis, D A Enterprises, LLC.
  • I would definitely recommend KEYTLaw.  The service is very professional and fast.  Every question or concern was answered clearly even before paying or hiring the service.  The process is extremely simple, and all the information provided to guide me through the business registration was accurate and specific. — Elio Mendez, Interarq, LLC.
  • I have been impressed by your service. What attracted me to your service was your willingness to answer questions anytime I had any without extra charge.  To my surprise, I didn’t really have too many questions because your program is so well laid out and easy to do.  It seems that you have already answered most of the questions people have about setting up an LLC.  So far I have had no problems and very few questions that I couldn’t find on the Website, Emails or in the handy quick start guide that came with the Portfolio (which is well organized and professionally done). — Robin Palmer, Tenney Home Services, LLC
  • I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the service, accuracy, and speed of the formation of our new LLC. The documentation was accurate and very easy to follow. My expectation was that it would take a couple of weeks to get things done but in a matter of 3-4 days everything was completed and our LLC was up and running. I especially appreciate the fact that you were able to take care of our EIN number which saved us some additional work and time. — Harvey Yocum, APE, LLC
  • I recently obtained a PLLC using the online services of Richard Key! Law. It was easy, efficient, inexpensive and I had all my documents within 3 days. I would endorse with enthusiasm, KEYTLaw as the best way to obtain a new LLC Any questions I had were answered immediately by phone and I am completely satisfied with the quality and speed of his services. — Morton H Dubnow, M. D., Morton H Dubnow, M.D., P.L.L.C.
  • I came to KEYTLaw wanting to start a LLC. I had several questions even though his web site answered most of them, I still needed some additional information so I called his office and left a message on a Friday morning. Mr. Keyt returned my call the very same day answered my questions and guided through the process step by step saving me days of research and frustration. His web site is a wealth of information and very user friendly. Mr. Keyt and staff are very professional and courteous. They got the job done quicker than I ever expected. — Maria Williams, Maria Williams PLLC
  • I have been quite pleased with the prompt responses I have received from Mr. Keyt’s LLC service. Any questions I have asked, he has e-mailed me back within a day. He has provided our company with everything he offered on his web page. I was especially impressed with the layout of the LLC portfolio, which was included in our package. The format is well put together, and straightforward so that it made my job a lot easier. It answers a lot of questions that first-time business owners may have about forming their company. And if you need further clarification, Richard Keyt is just an e-mail or phone call away. I would absolutely recommend Richard Keyt’s LLC formation services to anyone who is considering forming an LLC in Arizona. He will be the first person I call if I need to form another LLC. Great service! — Patricia DeVolld, American College Funding, LLC
  • I found this process fast, efficient and an overall excellent way to start an LLC. I would and will recommend Richard Keyt’s LLC formation services to other business associates I know. — James A. Cavalier, Graffiti Classics LLC
  • It was a pleasure hiring Richard Keyt to form our LLC. The service was prompt and very professional. The manual provided with the service was very well written and educational. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering the formation of an LLC to consider KEYTLaw as their professional legal source. — Benjamin Allen, The Great American, LLC
  • KEYTLaw. LLC was very professional and helpful in setting up our LLC. They were very quick to answer any questions we had and provided very valuable information so that we formed the correct type of business for our needs. They were very timely in filing all the paperwork and keeping us informed of the progress. Our LLC formation went very smoothly and very quickly. I would use KEYTLaw, LLC in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking to form an LLC. — Darrin Ferguson, Arizona Choice Water Systems, LLC
  • Great service; fast and exactly as it was described. — Mircea Buzila, Advantage Care Home, LLC
  • Richard Keyt provided a simple and quick LLC set up for me to use in my real estate investment business. I was impressed with his follow through and I had the LLC recorded and usable within a day. Thanks for the good work. – – Mac Graham, Triworth Company, LLC
  • We have been extremely happy with the quality and timeliness Richard Keyt’s services. He received our information the the morning after talking with us and our company was born that day! His follow-up guide was invaluable and he has continued to be right by our side in answering all our questions. When we set up our business banking account, we had our professional binder in hand and the bank officer said he rarely sees new businesses this prepared! This was all due to Richard’s easy to follow and complete check list on how to get your business started. If someone is starting their own business and forming an LLC, Richard is the ONLY person I would recommend them using.  Allison Carman – Kendon Productions, LLC.
  • When I began thinking about forming an PLLC, I thought, “I can do this myself.” Then I thought about what I tell my real estate clients who are contemplating representing themselves: “There are transactions that are complex enough and critical enough that hiring an expert is well worth the cost.” I decided to “walk the walk” and contacted Rick. He’s done everything that he promises to do on his web site: He’s answered questions, explained all the options, and followed through completely. The whole process has been smooth and incident free. It took less than two weeks from first contact until ACC approval. And with the direction he provides in his Quick Start Guide, I knew what questions to ask of my CPA and the IRS to make sure 1hit the ground running. I can’t imagine the process would have been as seamless had I tried to do things myself. I also plan to revisit the web site frequently to take advantage of the wealth of information Rick offers there. Hiring Rick was definitely the right decision for me.– William H, Johnson, William H, Johnson III PLLC
  • I was impressed with Richard Keyt’s prompt and competent professional services in LLC formation. His fast and thorough response to questions, as well as the detailed information supplied, helped make the process smooth and stress-free. Costs were surprisingly economical, considering the high level of expertise and service provided. I would not hesitate to either recommend or use his services in the future. This is one firm that definitely has its act together. — Victor J. Tome’, Silverton Press, LLC