Arizona Limited Liability Company Act

These statutes are repealed on September 1, 2020

Article 1 General Provisions

29-602Limited liability company name
29-603Reservation of name
29-604Known place of business and statutory agent to be maintained
29-605Change of known place of business, statutory agent or statutory agent’s street address
29-605.01Change of address of a member or manager
29-606Service of process on limited liability company
29-607Records to be kept; inspection rights of members
29-608Business transactions of member or manager with limited liability company
29-609Purpose; insurance business
29-610General powers of a domestic limited liability company
29-611Powers of commission
29-612Interrogatories by the commission; information disclosed by interrogatories
29-613Interrogatory or signature violations; limited liability company records; classification
29-614Certificate of good standing
29-615Certificate of good standing; license and registration renewal


Article 2 Formation and Articles of Organization

29-631Formation; parents and subsidiaries
29-632Articles of organization
29-633Amendment of articles of organization; restatement; publication or posting.
29-634Filing with the commission
29-635Formation of limited liability company.
29-636Notice of existence of limited liability company
29-637Document corrections


Article 3 Relationship of Limited Liability Company and Members to Third Persons

29-651Liability to third parties
29-652Unauthorized assumption of power
29-653Limited liability company property
29-654Member or manager as agent
29-655Rights of judgment creditors of a member
29-656Parties to actions
29-657Liability for false statement in articles; definition


Article 4 Member Relationships

29-681Management of limited liability company
29-682Operating agreement
29-683Action by written consent


Article 5 Contributions and Distributions

29-701Capital contributions
29-702Liability for contributions
29-703Interim distributions
29-704Distribution in kind
29-705Status as a creditor
29-706Limitation on distributions; wrongful distribution; treatment as income
29-707Distributions on withdrawal
29-708Distribution on winding up
29-709Sharing of profits and losses


Article 6 Members

29-731Admission of members
29-732Interest in limited liability company; transferability of interest; rights of assignees
29-732.01Ownership of interest in limited liability company in joint tenancy or community property with right of survivorship
29-733Events of withdrawal
29-734Withdrawal of member


Article 7 Mergers and Other Restructuring Transactions

29-752Entity Restructuring Transactions
29-753Action on Plan
29-754Statement of merger or other transaction; publication.


Article 8 Dissolution

29-781.01Rights of assignee
29-782Effect of dissolution
29-783Articles of termination
29-784Effect of signing articles of termination
29-785Involuntary judicial dissolution
29-786Administrative dissolution


Article 9 Foreign Limited Liability Companies

29-801Law governing foreign limited liability companies
29-802Certificate of registration; application
29-803Registration of foreign limited liability company; certificate of registration
29-804Fictitious name of foreign limited liability company
29-805Amendment or restatement to foreign limited liability companies
29-806Requirement for statutory agent of foreign limited liability company
29-807Revocation of certificate of registration of foreign limited liability company
29-808Cancellation of registration of foreign limited liability company
29-809Transaction of business without registration
29-810Action by attorney general
29-811Service of process on a foreign limited liability company
29-812Effect of executing application or certificate


Article 10 Derivative Actions

29-831Right of member to bring derivative action


Article 11 Professional Limited Liability Companies

29-841.01Professional limited liability company formation
29-842Exclusions from article
29-843Application of general limited liability company law
29-844Special restrictions
29-846Professional relationship and responsibility
29-847Disciplinary powers of regulating boards; transfer of shares
29-848Merger, interest exchange, conversion, domestication or division; definitions


Article 12 Miscellaneous

29-851Filing, service and copying fees; expedited filing and services; same day and next day services; posted wait times; advance monies; definition
29-852Execution by judicial act
29-853Applicability of provisions to foreign and interstate commerce
29-854Rules of construction
29-855Delivery by means of fax or electronic transmission
29-856Rules of law and equity
29-858Civil Liability for False Filings; Exceptions