We will be sending informational emails about Arizona’s new LLC law called the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act (ALLCA) to people who subscribe to our free ALLCA email list.  If you want to learn more about Arizona’s new LLC law join our ALLCA email list by completing and submitting the sign up form below.  After submitting the form below you will get an email asking you to opt in unless you previously opted in.

Subscribers will learn about the problems ALLCA creates for Arizona LLCs and their members and how an ALLCA compliant Operating Agreement can eliminate many of the problems.

Note:  All existing Arizona LLCs need an ALLCA compliant Operating Agreement.  All of my Operating Agreements have been ALLCA compliant since May 1, 2018.  People who hire me to form an Arizona LLC or prepare or amend an Operating Agreement will get an Operating Agreement that contains approximately 20 pages of of new text I added to deal with new statutes contained in Arizona’s new LLC law so they will not have to amend the Operating Agreement after August 31, 2019.