This page contains links to Youtube videos and channels that teach how to create a Youtube channel and make videos that can produce income.

Videos on Making Money with a Youtube Channel

Wenge:  As of 1/15/18 her channel had 10,204,608 subscribers.  She lives in Sydney, Australia.  She was making a six figure income at age 25.  She started her channel and worked two jobs for a year until she made enough money from her channel to quit her day job.

Note:  Sponsors can be the biggest source of revenue.  She said hers are $2,000 – $5,000.  The highest paying sponsors are for beauty related products.



Sean Cannell:  Is it too Late to Start a Youtube Channel?


5 Ways to Make Money with a Youtube Channel.  This is an excellent video of the five things you need to implement to maximize income.


How to Go Full Time on Youtube with a Small Audience.  Another excellent tutorial by Sean Cannell.  He tells how much money he made early on in his Youtube career.  He made $4,700 the the third month after he started working for his channel full time.  Most of the money came from being an Amazon affiliate.  You must become an Amazon affiliate and put links in your description to products sold on Amazon.  When somebody clicks on the link to Amazon in your description and buys the product you get a commission.



Top 10 Youtube Tips – How To Grow Your Youtube Channel.  This is an excellent must watch tutorial.



Top Tips for Youtubers



Myka Stauffer:  She makes a minimum of $2,500/month with just less than 300,000 subscribers.



Five Ways to Make Money with a Small Youtube Channel



What No One Is Telling You About Starting a Youtube Channel




Neil Patel’s article called How to Hack YouTube SEO – 26 Tactics for Gaining Top Results is excellent.


Sunny Lendarduzzi:  She has a ton of great videos that teach how to create a successful channel.  I paid her $497 to get her four hour course on making a channel.  She also has two members only Facebook groups for people who purchase her course.

Sean Cannel’s Video Infulencers:  Sean has great tutorial videos.  He also has another great channel called Think Media.  You can learn a lot about creating a Youtube channel and making videos on these two channels.

Darrell Eves:  His channel is Youtube Marketing & Training.

Nick Nimmin: Youtube & Video Tips.  

Tubebuddy:  This company has an cheap app you must buy so you can use it to make your channel better.  This app is something you must have if you want to have a successful channel.  It also has tons of informational videos about Youtube videos.

Vidiq:  This a service you pay for that helps you get more views on your channel.  I don’t use it, but Sean Cannell recommends it.


Sean Cannell’s Youtube Master Class

Darrell Eves’ VidSummit.  Videos of the three day Youtube seminar Darrell did in December 2017 where high volume Youtubers spoke about how they do their channels and make money.  See the order form.

Income Sources

Patreon. Patreon allows all creators to get paid by running a membership business for your fans.  Fans pay you a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences & behind-the-scenes content.

Famebit. We’re loved by creators.  With YouTube behind us, you’re in good company. We support a large and vibrant community of creators large and small spanning across many different categories.  You need at least 5,000 Subs or Followers on a channel to join.


Brian Dean:  Brian has great videos on SEO.  Must watch.  SEO concepts that apply to Google also apply to Youtube.