A. A domestic or foreign limited liability company may correct a document that has been filed by the commission if the document either:

1. Contains an incorrect statement and the correction does not materially alter a substantive provision in the document.

2. Was defectively executed, attested, verified or acknowledged.

B. A document is corrected if the domestic or foreign limited liability company does both of the following:

1. Prepares articles of correction that:

(a) Describe the document or that have attached a copy of the document.

(b) Specify the date the document was delivered to the commission.

(c) Specify the incorrect statement and the reason the statement is incorrect or specify the manner in which the execution, attestation, verification or acknowledgment was defective.

(d) Correct the incorrect statement or defective execution, attestation, verification or acknowledgment.

2. Delivers the articles of correction to the commission for filing.

C. Articles of correction are effective on the effective date of the document they correct except as to persons who rely on the incorrect statement or other defect and who are adversely affected by the correction. As to those persons, articles of correction are effective as provided in section 29-634.

Caution:  The above language was taken from Arizona’s statutes on November 12, 2016.  Check the Arizona legislature’s website to determine if this statute changed after November 12, 2016.