A. If, after applying for or obtaining a certificate of registration pursuant to section 29-802, a foreign limited liability company amends or restates its articles of organization by merger or otherwise in the state or country in which the company is organized, the foreign limited liability company shall deliver to the commission a copy of the amendment or restatement within sixty days of the effective date of the amendment or restatement.

B. If any statement in the application for a certificate of registration for a foreign limited liability company was false when made or any arrangements or other facts described have changed, making the application inaccurate in any respect, the foreign limited liability company shall promptly file articles of amendment, correcting the statement. The articles of amendment delivered to the commission pursuant to this section shall be signed and acknowledged by any manager, member or other duly authorized agent of the foreign limited liability company.

Caution:  The above language was taken from Arizona’s statutes on September 13, 2013.  Check the Arizona legislature’s website to determine if this statute changed after September 13, 2013.