How To Roll Back Police Militarization In America

Huffington Post:  “When the FBI finally located Whitey Bulger in 2010 after searching for 16 years, the reputed mobster was suspected of involvement in 19 murders in the 1970s and ’80s, and was thought to be armed with a massive arsenal of weapons. He was also 81 at the time, in poor physical health . . . . he was arrested without incident. There was no battering ram, there were no flash grenades, there was no midnight assault on his home. . . . That peaceful apprehension of a known violent fugitive, found guilty this week of participating in 11 murders and a raft of other crimes, stands in stark contrast to the way tens of thousands of Americans are confronted each year by SWAT teams battering down their doors to serve warrants for nonviolent crimes, mostly involving drugs. . . . Today in America, SWAT teams are deployed about 100 to 150 times per day, or about 50,000 times per year — a dramatic increase from the 3,000 or so annual deployments in the early 1980s, or the few hundred in the 1970s. The vast majority of today’s deployments are to serve search warrants for drug crimes. But the use of SWAT tactics to enforce regulatory law also appears to be rising”

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Feds Raid & Shut Down 16 Dannys Family Car Wash Locations

Arizona Republic:  “A two-year federal investigation into Danny’s Family Car Wash involving alleged immigration fraud, identity theft and financial violations came to a head Saturday with raids on 16 locations in the Valley. Amber Cargile, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, said special agents with ICE Homeland Security Investigations started executing federal search warrants and arrest warrants at 11 a.m.  Cargile said the warrants were served at the company’s locations as well as the company’s outside staffing-services provider, HR Betty.

Read also “Federal agents raid 16 Danny’s Family Car Wash locations in criminal investigation.”

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IRS Opens New Website on Affordable Care Act

The IRS is tasked under Obamacare to administer the many tax provisions contained in the law.  It created a website to educate people about the tax provisions at  Here are some of the major topics on the site:

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Phoenix Car Dealer Insisted on Requiring Cash Buyer to Sign Form Authorizing Disclosure of Information to 3rd Parties

Arizona Republic:  “A Phoenix real-estate broker says she got the surprise of her life when she bought a car for cash last month. . . . a manager at Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram threw her cashier’s check at her, yelled at her and followed her out into the parking lot while threatening to ‘unwind the deal.’  The argument . . . . was about her refusal to sign a form allowing the dealer to share personal information with ‘non-affiliated third parties‘.”

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US Attorney General Orders Department of Justice to Ignore US Law Again

Pittsburgh Post Gazette:  “On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder, a liberal in a hurry, ordered all U.S. attorneys to simply stop charging nonviolent, non-gang-related drug defendants with crimes that, while fitting the offense, carry mandatory sentences. Find some lesser, non-triggering charge. How might you do that? Withhold evidence — e.g., about the amount of dope involved. . . . In other words, evade the law, by deceiving the court if necessary. “If the companies that I represent in federal criminal cases” did that, said former Deputy Attorney General George Terwilliger, “they could be charged with a felony.”

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What We Lose if We Give Up Privacy

Wall St. Journal:  “An entrenched surveillance state will change and distort the balance that allows free government to function successfully. Broad and intrusive surveillance will, definitively, put government in charge. But a republic only works . . . if public officials know that they—and the government itself—answer to the citizens. It doesn’t work, and is distorted, if the citizens must answer to the government. And that will happen more and more if the government knows—and you know—that the government has something, or some things, on you. ‘The bad thing is you no longer have the one thing we’re supposed to have as Americans living in a self-governing republic,’ . . . . ‘The people we elect are not your bosses, they are responsible to us.’ They must answer to us. But if they increasingly control our privacy, ‘suddenly they’re in charge if they know what you’re thinking‘.”

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Goldwater Institute Sues Phoenix over Pensions

Phoenix Business Journal:  “Goldwater Institute attorneys have filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court asking a judge to force Phoenix to stop the practice of pension spiking. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of three city taxpayers.  Some county executives as well as police officers and fire fighters have been able to inflate their pension payments by cashing in unused sick leave, vacation time and in some instances deferring overtime pay so they have an inflated final salary which is part of city pension formulas.

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Why is the CIA Teaching the NY Police Department?  “Between 2002 and 2012 the CIA sent four agents to help the NYPD’s counterterrorism unit (which is led by a former agency official) . . . . A recent report by the CIA’s inspector general shows that such cooperation can easily go wrong. . . . We should be concerned that CIA involvement with local police will influence them to adopt a counterinsurgency mentality that is simply not warranted on home turf.”

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Another Green Energy Company Prepares for Bankruptcy

Arizona Republic:  “Ecotality Inc., a developer of charging stations for electric vehicles that has received $91.5 million in federal stimulus funds, said it may file for bankruptcy protection.”

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White House’s ObamaCare Delay Confirms Law Is A Mess

Investors Business Daily:  “Confirming again that its reform is a disaster, the White House has stopped yet another provision of the law before it can take effect. This time it’s caps placed on patients’ out-of-pocket expenses. . . . So, like a monarch who exercises absolute power, the administration, which has no constitutional authority to write or change laws, delayed the deadline.  Because it felt like it.”

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