The Best of Law Dog

Since law dog is all the rage, we thought we’d share the best of law dog. Check out all of law dog’s pictures here.

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Starting Salaries For Law Grads Drops Significantly

ABA Journal:

New law grads in private practice are no longer taking home median paychecks in the six figures.

The erosion in BigLaw jobs is depressing the salaries for all class of 2011 law graduates, according to new statistics from NALP–The Association for Legal Career Professionals.

Law grads from the class of 2011 are earning median pay of $60,000, a 5 percent drop from 2010 and a 17 percent drop since 2009. Average pay is $78,653, a 15 percent drop since 2009. The figures are for grads who found full-time employment in jobs lasting at least a year.

The drop in starting pay is even more pronounced when only private practice jobs are considered, according to a press release. Median pay for 2011 law grads in private practice is $85,000, an 18 percent drop from 2010, when the median was $104,000, and a 35 percent drop since 2009, when the median was $130,000. Average pay in private practice is $97,821, a 15 percent drop since 2009.

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Late Mortgage Payments Down Significantly

Equifax’s June edition of its National Consumer Credit Trends Report shows a sharp decline in the number of delinquent mortgage  balances.

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California, Nevada, Florida Top Mortgage Fraud List

New figures released by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network  show California, Nevada and  Florida to be the states with the highest incidence of debt elimination and foreclosure rescue schemes.

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Google Announces New Tablet

Google announced its new Nexus 7 tablet complete with an updated version of its popular Android OS called Jelly Bean.

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Phoenix Foreclosures Continue To Fall

In a new report released by data research  firm Core Logic, the foreclosure rate in Phoenix has continued to fall.

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Mortgage Broker Accused of Down Payment Scheme

A Phoenix area mortgage broker is being sued over allegedly manipulating FHA down payment requirements. The Lending Company, Wells Fargo Funding and RJ Reynolds are all named as defendants in the class action suit.

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Homes Are Getting Bigger

Homes are getting bigger. Does that mean the housing market is getting stronger? Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows homes are growing in size. In fact we may see a high water mark in 2012. According to this article, homes are typically built smaller in times of economic downturn and larger during times of prosperity.

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Facebook Acquires

It appears Facebook, in its attempt to preserve its standing as the preeminent social media behemoth, has  acquired yet another tech company., a company devoted to face recognition software, has been purchased by Facebook for an undisclosed sum.

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Arizona #3 in Construction Job Growth

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Arizona enjoyed the 3rd highest spike in construction job growth in May, trailing only Texas and California.

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