Operating LLCs

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  • How to Complete IRS Form SS-4 – If you hired KEYTLaw, LLC, to obtain an employer id number (EIN) from the IRS, read Richard Keyt’s detailed explanation of how to complete IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.
  • Who Will Inherit Your Membership Interest in Your Arizona LLC When You Die? – If you own or will own all or a part of an Arizona LLC, you must know who will inherit your LLC membership interest if when you die?  The failure to plan now could result in the wrong person(s) inheriting your LLC and require a costly, time-consuming and public probate.  This article explains a simple inexpensive method to leave your LLC to your desired heir(s) and avoid probate.
  • When an LLC Must Amend its Articles of OrganizationArizona LLC law provides that on the occurrence of certain events, the LLC must amend its Articles of Organization on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  Do you know when Arizona law requires an LLC to amend its Articles of Organization?  If you are a member of an Arizona LLC, you must make sure your LLC complies with Arizona’s LLC law.
  • Annual LLC Minutes Why all AZ LLCs should hold annual meetings and document the meetings with minutes or resolutions.