Arizona LLC Attorney’s Limited Liability Company Formation Service – 8,900+ AZ LLCs Formed

Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt (practicing business law in Arizona since 1980) offers a comprehensive Arizona limited liability company formation service for a low total cost of $797, which includes the $85 Arizona Corporation Commission expedited filing fee.  See the contents of our LLC formation packages.

We don’t just fill out the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (“ACC”) two page fill in the blanks form Articles of Organization.  In fact, we don’t use that bare bones document that lacks important provisions that should be in the Articles of Organization of all Arizona LLCs.  All of our clients get our custom drafted Member Enhanced Articles of Organization that includes many provisions not found in the ACC’s basic fill-in-the blanks form Articles.

Our Articles of Organization contain provisions that coordinate with our Charging Order Enhanced Operating Agreement such as the  “springing member” provisions (see item 5 below).  We also include special provisions in our attorney prepared custom drafted Operating Agreement that are intended to prevent the Operating Agreement from being an executory contract (a bad thing if a member is in bankruptcy court), which is the problem that arose in an Arizona Bankruptcy Court case called In re Ehmann.

To understand why we have formed over 8,900+ Arizona LLCs, read some of the testimonials from our very happy LLC clients.

Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s $797 complete LLC formation service includes all the following:

1.  Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s 170+ page LLC owner’s manual called the Arizona LLC Operations Manual Rick wrote the OM because he has formed over 8,900+ LLCs and people always ask the same questions about how to operate their new LLC.  It is unlikely that you will have a question about operating your LLC that is not answered in the OM.  The OM explains applicable Arizona LLC law.  It covers 75+ critical topics that affect Arizona LLCs.  See the OM’s Table of Contents and you will be amazed that so many important topics are conveniently covered in one place. THIS MUST HAVE LLC OWNER’S MANUAL IS NOT AVAILABLE ANY WHERE EXCEPT FROM RICHARD KEYT.

2.  Unlimited telephone calls with Arizona LLC and business law attorneys Richard Keyt (480-664-7478) and his son Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472) who will answer your Arizona LLC formation questions free.  Note:  This is a very valuable service you cannot get from any document preparer.  

3.  Name selection advice and name verification with the Arizona Corporation Commission before filing.

4.  We give every LLC we form our Charging Order Enhanced Operating Agreement drafted to reduce the risk that a bankruptcy court will ignore the Arizona law that provides that a charging order is the sole remedy of a creditor of a member.

5.  We include special language in both the Articles of Organization and the Operating Agreement of single member LLCs owned by a person that provides for a “springing member” to avoid the automatic termination of an Arizona LLC provided by Arizona law when the only member of the LLC is a person and that person dies.  Automatic termination of an LLC can have serious negative financial and tax consequences to the heirs of the deceased member.

6.  We file the Articles of Organization with the ACC on the day you pay us and approve your LLC formation questionnaire and get it approved by the ACC.

7.  On the day we file the Articles with the ACC, we will email to you the document with the ACC’s “Filed” stamp on it.

8.  On the day we file the Articles with the ACC, we will email to you instructions on how to access the Arizona LLC Operations Manual ebook.

9.  We will send you the ACC’s letter approving the Articles of Organization.

10.  We will prepare a Disclaimer for each non-member spouse to sign when a married member will own his or her interest as separate property.  If a married spouse does not sign a disclaimer, Arizona law provides that a married member who acquires an interest in an Arizona LLC while married takes title as community property unless: (i) the interest was acquired as a gift or from inheritance, or (ii) the non-member spouse disclaims ownership.

11.  We will act as the LLC’s statutory agent for its first year at no additional charge.  The Operations Manual explains how you can change the LLC’s statutory agent at any time by filing a change form with the ACC.  If your LLC wants KEYTLaw to continue as its statutory agent after the first year, we will bill you the $99 annual fee.

12. All members get a free subscription to Richard Keyt’s 170 page ebook called the “Arizona LLC Operations Manual.”  This book covers 75+ topics the explain common issues that arise after people form an Arizona LLC.

13.  We prepare organizational resolutions to be signed by all of the members in which the members elect one or more managers, approve the issuance of membership interests to the members and adopt other resolutions related to forming the new LLC.

14.  We prepare Membership Certificates to evidence the ownership of all membership interests.  The membership certificate is similar to a stock certificate.  It is numbered and signed by a manager and evidences that an interest in the company was issued to the member named thereon.

15.  We will prepare and mail to you a professional high-quality three ring “AZ LLC Portfolio” with seven tabs that contains all of the LLC’s formation documents listed above. To see the portfolio and its contents see the KEYTLaw Girls’ video demonstration.  Your Portfolio will contain approximately 250 pages of documents and information that we custom prepare for your LLC.  You should keep all important LLC documents in the Portfolio.

16.  A few days after for your LLC we will mail your LLC Portfolio to a manager of the LLC.

17.  All members receive a free subscription (a $97 value) to Richard Keyt’s Arizona LLC Operational Alert System.  The OAS consists of 50 email messages we send to the members and managers of the LLC reminding them of important post LLC formation issues.  It’s an automatic tickler / reminder system for members of Arizona LLCs.

Richard Keyt provides all of the above-referenced services for a fixed amount of $797.  See Rick Keyt’s resume and areas of practice.

We Answer LLC Formation Questions for Free

If you have questions about forming an Arizona LLC, contact Arizona LLC lawyers Richard Keyt (480-664-7478) or his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt (480-664-7472).  We do not charge for entity formation related questions.

Two Easy Ways to Hire Richard Keyt to Form Your Arizona LLC

To learn about what is included in each of our LLC formation packages see the contents of our Bronze ($497), Silver ($797) & Gold ($1,297) LLC Formation packages.

We’ve made it very easy to hire Richard Keyt who has formed 50 LLCs to form your new Arizona LLC.  It’s a simple 5 – 10 minute process.  To hire Richard to form your new LLC select one of the following two options:

Option 1 – Telephone

Call any of the following KEYTLaw people and give your LLC and credit card information over the phone:

  • Richard Keyt – 480-664-7478
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