Last month I wrote a blog post called “Arizona Corporation Commission’s New Database System Sucks.”  The article alerts the public to some of the many problems created by the ACC switching to a new software system on May 20, 2018.  Here is the Arizona Corporation Commission’s response to my blog post:

“Commissioner Olson forwarded your e-mail to me and asked me to investigate the progress that the Corporations Division has made so far on their new database system. Here are some of the updates:

1. They are familiar with Rick Keyt’s complaints which have mostly been resolved, but they will be following up. Some of the customers who made filings during the first 3 months of rolling out the new program still have some minor issues which are being resolved.

2. They do have a system in place to accommodate urgent requests from customers who reach out to the Commission Offices, so as soon as Commissioner Olson’s office hears about a specific issue, we inform the Corporations Division and they are able to resolve the issues pretty quickly on an individual basis.

3. Overall, the early issues they experienced with the new system during the first two months are much, much better. The little things, like the search date/time that Mr. Keyt pointed out, are resolved. The bigger things, like dates, have seen substantial improvements, but they are still working out a few bugs. They just entered the warranty phase of the contract with the vendor, and the remaining bugs should be fixed over the next 90 days, per the contract.

4. Unfortunately, they are still struggling with processing times right now. Some of that was due to a back-log that built up during the initial phase of the transition, but they have now gotten through all the documents that migrated from the old system, and are now examining documents filed during the first 2 months in the new system. These documents require a lot of corrections, and that takes time. The Corporations Division is working with the Executive Director, Matt Neubert, on potential solutions to improve the processing times, since it usually boils down to additional resources.

That is the update so far, we are hopeful that more information and progress will be forthcoming and we will continue to update the interested parties as we are given new information.

Thank-you for reaching out to Commissioner Olson, we are keeping a close eye on this issue. Also thank-you for the article you shared, if you know of anyone else having similar issues, please send them our way!


Jacqueline Parker, Esq.
Deputy Policy Advisor to Commissioner Olson
Arizona Corporation Commission
1200 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
(602) 542-0745 (office)
(602) 542-4144 (direct line)
[email protected]

We have noticed that the ACC is making fewer errors.  Hopefully it will be able to work out all of the kinks and get the new software system working smoothly.