The following is the text of an email I got from Tanya M. Gibson, Director, Corporations Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission on May 1, 2024:

Hi, All! It has been a while since I have reached out. I hope everyone is well and staying cool!

I have good news to share! We have secured a vendor for our new filing system! Yes, we are replacing eCorp. We are excited because the new system is technologically advanced and offers a great deal of features and functionality that will enhance the customer experience, streamline filings, and better protect against fraudulent filings.

In the next month, we will kick-off the project and start outlining requirements and flows. Over the years, we have collected your suggestions but once we get into the project, I will reach out and get additional input from you all. We will also have beta testing prior to the launch which allow some of you to “test drive” the system before we release it….and while we still have time to make changes.

We anticipate going live with the new system around August of 2025.