I am very proud of my son Richard C. Keyt for speaking on four topics at a two day seminar called “Estate Planning and Administration: the Complete Guide” offered by the National Business Institute (NBI).  Ricky, who is licensed to practice law in Arizona and California and who was a CPA in a national accounting firm before he went to ASU’s law school, spoke on the following subjects on June 26 & 27, 2017:

  • Common trust structures and when they are used
  • Tax consequences of trusts
  • Post-mortem tax planning options
  • Marshaling assets and dealing with creditors

Ricky and I work together to prepare wills, trusts and estate plans for people.  We are co-authors of a book called “Family Asset Protection.”  The purpose of our book is to answer common questions people have about estate planning and explain what you need to do to protect your most valuable assets, your loved ones.  Get free access to Family Asset Protection.