On July 15, 2016, Patricia Barfield, Director, Corporations Division, of the Arizona Corporation Commission, announced the following change in procedures of the Arizona Corporation Commission:

“This is notice that we are changing the procedure for requesting copies and certificates of good standing.  The change is being made as part of our ongoing effort to improve the document processing times.  We will be channeling all copy or certificate requests to our Records Section.

Beginning Monday, July 18, 2016, you will no longer be able to request plain or certified copies of documents or certificates of good standing on the Cover Sheet.  We are removing these options on the Cover Sheet.  Instead, we suggest using our Records Request Form to request copies or certificates, and that will be sent directly to the Records Section.

IMPORTANT — FEES:  If you submit your own cover sheet or letter and you request copies or certificates at the time you submit the document for filing, you must pay the correct fees.  If the correct fees are not paid or the correct amount is not authorized to be deducted from the MOD account, the document will be rejected.

The fees for copies are as follows:

Certified copy – corporations (per document): $5.00 + $.50/page

Certified copy – LLCs (per document): $15.00 + $.50/page

Certificate (any type that is not for copies): $10.00

Uncertified or plain copy – corporations (per document): $.50/page

Uncertified or plain copy – LLCs (per document): $5.00 + $.50/page

*Expedited processing is available by adding $35.00 to the fee for any request or service.

Plain or certified copies of documents that have been filed can be obtained directly from our Records Section, by submitting a Records Request Form.

Certificates of Good Standing for active entities can be obtained online after the entity is formed, or by submitting Records Request Form.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with our efforts at improving our customer service by improving our processing times!

Patricia L. Barfield