Question:  I intend to form a new Arizona limited liability company.  I know that the Arizona Corporation Commission will reject my Articles of Organization if my desired LLC name conflicts with the name of an existing Arizona entity or an Arizona trade name issued by the Arizona Secretary of State. How can I insure that my desired LLC name will not be rejected by the ACC?

Answer:  Actually, the latest version of the ACC’s online database has an easy to use name checker that will tell you if your desired name will be accepted or rejected.  Here’s how to check a prospective LLC name.

  • Go the the Arizona Corporation’s name checker website.
  • Click on the text that says “Name – Forms for entity name reservations.”
  • Click on the text that says “Check Entity Name Availability.”
  • Enter your desired LLC name in the Name field.
  • Click on the down icon to the right of the text that says “Select an Entity Type.”
  • Click on the letters “LLC.”
  • Click on Check Name.

The ACC’s database will then tell you the desired name is bad or it is available.

Name Reservation Warning:  Although the ACC’s database will ask if you want to reserve the name, I don’t recommend that you waste the $45 unless there is a lot of money riding on the name.  Before purchasing a name reservation ask yourself this question:  Given that the desired name has been available from the beginning of time up to the moment you checked the name, what are the chances somebody will use your desired name before you file your Articles of Organization?