The following is the text of a September 30, 2015, press release issued by the Arizona Corporation Commission:

Creating an LLC in Arizona just got a lot easier. The Arizona Corporation Commission is accepting online filings for the first time. Before the online efiling became available earlier this month, someone wishing to create a limited liability company had to either come to a Commission office or mail in the paperwork.

LLC formation is one of the commission’s most important missions, Commission Chairman Susan Bitter Smith said. Shortening the amount of time it takes to file the paperwork and making sure all necessary information is submitted up front allows a business to start functioning sooner.

‘I’m proud the commission now allows for a secure and easy way to create an LLC,’ Bitter Smith said. ‘This innovation makes it faster for people to start the businesses of their dreams.’

Last year, more than 52,000 Arizona businesses were formed as LLCs, many of those coming from people who drove to a commission office to submit paperwork. Filing for an LLC online can be done here or by going to the commission’s home page

The ability to create an LLC through online filings won praise from the business community.

‘Electronic filing of LLC documents has been long awaited by the business community and I applaud the Commission for taking this bold step. Innovation such as this will make starting businesses in Arizona easier, more efficient, and timely,’ Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Todd Sanders said. ‘We look forward to the Commission expanding electronic services even further in the future.’

Commissioner Doug Little said the Commission is sending an important message to the business community.

‘I believe this innovation by the Commission will dramatically improve and streamline the process of establishing an LLC in Arizona,’ Little said. ‘This is exactly what we need to be doing to support Governor Ducey’s initiative to let people know that Arizona is ‘open for business.’”