Question: I’m interested in setting up a single person LLC. However, the $597 fee that I see on your site is a bit higher than what I’ve been quoted elsewhere.

Answer:  Did an Arizona LLC lawyer quote a lower fee or was it an uninsured document preparer?  Is the other person certified as a legal document preparer in Arizona?  Is the document preparer an out of Arizona company that is registered to do business in Arizona as required by Arizona law?  How many LLCs has the person or document preparer formed in Arizona?  I’ve formed 7,000+ Arizona LLCs.

Does the other person have any testimonials.  We have many happy LLC clients.  See our 204 five star Google & Facebook reviews.

What does the other person offer for their fee?  See my list of formation services I perform to earn the low fee I charge.

Does the other person give you a book he or she wrote similar to the 170 page book I give people called the “Arizona LLC Operations Manual” that explains how to operate the company and comply with Arizona LLC law after formation of the company?   I give my clients who hire me to form their Arizona LLC both the digital and hard copy versions of the OM.  The digital version is generic, but the hard copy version is customized for each LLC.

I recommend you read my articles called “Should Richard Keyt or LegalZoom Form My LLC?” and “Why You Should Hire Arizona LLC Lawyer Richard Keyt to Form Your Arizona LLC Instead of an Uninsured Person or a Website that Doesn’t Tell You Who Will Work on Your LLC or Disclose Their Education & Experience Forming AZ LLCs.

If you are thinking of using a document preparer that is a company formed outside Arizona, you should: