Articles about Adding or Removing Members of  Arizona Limited Liability Companies

  • Requirements of Arizona Law to Become a Member/Owner of an AZ LLC Members of an Arizona LLC do not materialize by spontaneous combustion.  Arizona LLC law has specific requirements that must be met to become a member of an Arizona limited liability company.  If you are or will become a member of an Arizona LLC, make sure you understand the statutory requirements and that your LLC satisfies all of the requirements.
  • How to Add or Remove a Member & Comply with Arizona LLC Law – What to do when your LLC adds or deletes a member or if a member’s interest in the company changes.  These changes have legal significance and must be documented properly.  The failure to document a change of ownership or percentage interest can result in disputes and expensive litigation.
  • When an LLC Must Amend its Articles of OrganizationArizona LLC law provides that on the occurrence of certain events, the LLC must amend its Articles of Organization on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  Do you know when Arizona law requires an LLC to amend its Articles of Organization?  If you are a member of an Arizona LLC, you must make sure your LLC complies with Arizona’s LLC law.