by Richard Keyt, Arizona LLC lawyer

Before Forming an Arizona LLC

1.  Arizona Corporation Commission Naming Standards – The rules used by the Arizona Corporation Commission to determine if it should reject Articles of Organization because the name of a proposed Arizona LLC is not distinguishable from the name of an existing Arizona entity or trade name.

2.  Arizona Corporation Commission Name Database – Do not submit Articles of Organization to the Arizona Corporation Commission without first checking this database to see if your desired LLC name is available.

3.  Application to Reserve LLC Name – if you want to reserve a name for your LLC, use this form even though it says it is for a corporate name.  See “Should You Reserve a Name with the Arizona Corporation Commission for Your New LLC or Corporation?”  See the Instructions.

Forming Arizona LLCs

4.  LLC Filing Fees– The Arizona Corporation Commission’s list of fees to file various LLC documents.

5. Articles of Organization (ACC’s form) – This is the the Arizona Corporation Commission’s two page fill in the blanks form document filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission to form an Arizona LLC.  See the Instructions for the Articles of Organization.  If you use this ACC form you must also complete and submit: (a) either the Manager Structure Attachment (if the LLC is manager managed) or the Member Structure Attachment (if the LLC is member managed), and (b) the Statutory Agent Acceptance form.  If somebody holds an Arizona trade name identical to the desired name of your new LLC then when you submit the Articles of Organization to the ACC for filing you must also submit a Notice of Transfer of Limited Liability Company  Name Reservation signed by the holder of the trade name.  See the Instructions.

6. Purchase an attorney drafted Operating Agreement customized for your LLC for $297 for a single member LLC or an LLC owned only by a married couple or $497 for a multi-member LLC. We prepare custom attorney drafted Operating Agreements for existing and to be formed Arizona LLCs.  Both Operating Agreements are the product of Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s experience as a business lawyer since 1980.  He has prepared 8,400+ LLC Operating Agreements.  Richard has invested hundreds of hours in writing a state of the art Operating Agreement that has provisions in it that he has created based on real life situations he has encountered representing members of LLC.  Your purchase includes one half hour of attorney time to answer questions and modify your Operating Agreement.  To learn more about Operating Agreements see “Why All Members of an Arizona LLC Should Sign an Operating Agreement” and “Arizona LLC Operating Agreement FAQ.”

7.  Coversheet – This document must be submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission along with the Articles of Organization.

8.  IRS Forms for LLCs

Operating Arizona LLCs

9.  Disclaimer of a Membership Interest in an Arizona Limited Liability Company $47 – This Disclaimer of a Membership Interest in an Arizona LLC form when completed, signed by the non-owner spouse and notarized will cause the owner spouse to own the LLC membership interest as the owner spouse’s sole and separate property.  If you are “How Do I Acquire an Ownership Interest in an Arizona LLC as Separate Property?”

10.  Joint Tax Application – Use this Arizona Department of Revenue form to apply for an Arizona transaction privilege tax license (aka sales tax license) if your LLC will be selling products in Arizona.  Employers paying wages or salaries to employees for services performed in the Arizona must apply for a Withholding number & Unemployment number using this form.

11.  Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Organization – Copy and paste the text into your word processor and edit as necessary if your Arizona LLC needs to amend it Articles of Organization.  See Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “When Must an Arizona LLC Amend Its Articles of Organization?

12.  Statement of Change of Manager or Member Address – If a member of manager of an Arizona LLC changes his/her/its address on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the company should notify the Arizona Corporation Commission of the address change.  Use this form to change an address of a member or manager of an Arizona LLC on file with the ACC.

13.  Statement of Change of Known Place of Business Address or Change of Statutory Agent – Complete and send this form to the Arizona Corporation Commission if your LLC changed its known place of business listed in the LLC’s Articles of Organization on file with the ACC or if the statutory agent changed his/her/its address.  See the Instructions.

14.  Statutory Agent Acceptance – Complete this form if the LLC will appoint a new statutory agent.  The document must be signed by both the new statutory agent and: (i) any member of the company if the LLC is member managed, or (ii) any manager of the company if the LLC is manager managed.

15.  Statutory Agent Resignation – Use this form to cause the existing statutory agent of an Arizona LLC to resign and/or terminate use of the LLC’s known place of business.  See the Instructions.

15.  Trade Name Application – If you want your LLC to operate in Arizona under a dba (aka doing business as or called a trade name in Arizona) complete this form and send it to the Arizona Secretary of State with a check for $10.  See my article called “How Do I Get a DBA for an Arizona LLC?

17.  Assignment of Trade Name – Use this Arizona Secretary of State form to transfer a trade name registered with the ASS to a new owner.  Commonly used when a sole proprietor obtains a registered trade name and later forms an entity to operate the business.  In this case, the owner of the trade name could assign the trade name to the company.

Foreign LLCs Registering to Do Business in Arizona

18.  Application for Registration of a Foreign LLC.  If you use this ACC form you must also complete and submit: (a) either the Manager Structure Attachment (if the LLC is manager managed) or the Member Structure Attachment (if the LLC is member managed), and (b) the Statutory Agent Acceptance form.

How to Name KEYTLaw, LLC, as an LLC’s Statutory Agent or Use Its Address as the LLC’s Known Place of Business in Arizona

19.  Complete our online Statutory Agent Questionnaire

Terminating an Arizona LLC

20.  Articles of Termination – last step in terminating an Arizona LLC.  See “How to Terminate an Arizona LLC.”  Read the Instructions.

Deliver documents to be filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission to the following address:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporations Division
1300 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2929

Fixed Fee LLC Legal Services

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