Question:  One of the members of my member managed Arizona LLC has ceased to be a member.  I know that Arizona LLC law requires that the LLC amend it Articles of Organization on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  How do I amend the Articles of Organization?

Answer:  Arizona Revised Statutes Section 29-3202 requires that a member of a member managed Arizona LLC must prepare Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Organization and file it with the Arizona Corporation Commission if a member named in the Articles of Organization on file with the ACC ceases to be a member or if the Articles of Organization does not name a person or entity who is a member.  The same is true of of a manager managed Arizona LLC if:

A.  A person or entity acquires 20% or more of the capital or profits of the company (for example:  a 5% owner becomes a 20% owner); or

B.  A person or entity named in the Articles of Organization ceases to own a 20% or greater interest in the capital or profits interest of the company.

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