I created a new website called “We are Arizona LLC Attorneys” at www.azllc.com. We are Arizona’s premier LLC lawyers, which is why we have formed 8,900+ LLCs since 1992 and have 228 five star Google reviews and a total of 349 five star online reviews.

The purpose of this new site is to make it easier for people to hire us to what we do best – form Arizona LLCs.

  • Prepare a custom Operating Agreement with language written for Arizona’s entirely new LLC law that took effect on 9/1/19.  Our Operating Agreement fees are $$297 for a single member or married couple LLC and $797.  If you have an existing Arizona LLC or will create a new Arizona LLC  its members should sign an Operating Agreement that complies with Arizona’s new LLC law.
  • Prepare a custom Buy Sell Agreement for $1,294 after a $700 discount (if we formed the LLC or prepared its Operating Agreement) or $1,994 without the discount.  This important document contains the exit strategy that can result in a buy out of a membership interest when a member dies, is convicted of a felony, files bankruptcy, defaults under the Operating Agreement or suffers one of 19 other possible triggering eventsNote: Review our Buy Sell Agreement Preparation Questionnaire to see how comprehensive our agreement is.