I formed my first Arizona LLC the day Arizona’s LLC law became effective in October of 1992.  I’ve been forming Arizona LLCs ever since.  I didn’t start counting my LLC formations until 2002.  Since I started counting in 2002 I have formed 9,000+ Arizona LLCs.  I created number 5,000 sometime during April of 2016.

There are a lot of reasons why I’ve formed so many LLCs, but here are the main reasons:

  • Silver & Gold LLC purchasers get online access to my 170 page ebook called the “Arizona LLC Operations Manual.”  Chapter 3 is checklist of 34 important tasks that must be performed within 75 days after the LLC is formed.
  • 50 post formation email messages reminding you to perform important post formation tasks and giving you helpful LLC information.
  • We will form your LLC and get it approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day you pay the fee and approve your formation questionnaire so you can start using your new LLC immediately.
  • People love my LLC formation services.  Watch and read some of our 349 five star reviews.
  • To hire me to form your Arizona LLC complete my online LLC formation questionnaire or call me.  If you have questions about forming an Arizona LLC call me, Richard Keyt, at 480-664-7478 or go to www.keytlaw.com/rk to book a free phone, in office or Zoom video meeting.  I don’t charge to answer questions about LLCs.