Question: I am the sole member of my Arizona limited liability company.  Can I tell the public that I am the President of my LLC?

Answer:  Yes, but I don’t recommend you use that term because some people may mistakenly think they are dealing with a corporation rather than an LLC.  Arizona LLC law refers only members and managers of an Arizona limited liability company.  The term “member” means a person or entity that holds an ownership interest in the LLC.  The term “manager” means a person or entity of a manager managed AZ LLC that is a manager of the LLC.  FYI:  If your Arizona LLC is member managed, then it does not have any managers.

Although the terms President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are most commonly used when referring to officers of a corporation, an Arizona LLC could elect to use any or all of those terms when referring to people who are associated with the LLC.  If you own the LLC you can call people associated with the LLC anything you desire, but if the term is not member or manager it has no legal significance unless the term is defined.

If you insist on using a corporate term to describe somebody associated with your LLC I recommend that the LLC’s Operating Agreement specify the terms to be used and that it describe the duties and powers applicable to each position.  For example, if your Arizona LLC is manager managed and you want to call the manager the “President” of the LLC, add the following text to the LLC’s Operating Agreement:

The manager of this Company may be referred to as the Company’s President both internally and in matters dealing with the public.  The duties and powers of the President are identical to the duties and powers of the manager of this Company.