Question:  I read on your Arizona LLC law website’s LLC formation package comparison page that your Silver and Gold packages include your book called the “Arizona LLC Operations Manual.”  What is the Operations Manual and why do I need it?

Answer:  In forming 8,900+ Arizona LLCs I learned long ago that people who form Arizona limited liability companies have the same questions.  I wrote the Operations Manual to educate the owners of Arizona LLCs about what they need to know during phase 2 of their LLC’s life. See the Operations Manual’s Table of Contents to learn the 75+ LLC topics it explains.

The primary reason people form an LLC is to protect the owners of the company from liabilities that might arise form the business and operations of the LLC.  However, before a court will uphold the protection given by Arizona LLC to the owners of an Arizona LLC the LLC must show that it complied with Arizona’s LLC law.  The purpose of the Operations Manual is to explain Arizona’s LLC law so people can know the law and make sure their LLC complies with it.

For example, Arizona LLC law requires that the LLC maintain certain records.  Don’t you think that if you form an Arizona LLC you should know what records your LLC must keep so you can make sure your LLC complies with the law?  This is just one example of the many legal issues that arise during phase 2 in the life of an LLC, aka the operational phase.

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