Question:  When will the Arizona Corporation Commission review the Articles of Organization of my new Arizona limited liability company?

Answer: The amount of time the ACC takes to review Articles of Organization filed to create a new Arizona LLC depends on the whether the filing fee paid to the ACC was the $50 standard fee or the $85 epedited filing fee.  In general the ACC will review new Articles of Organization as follows:

  • If the filing fee is $50: ACC review is normally 4-6 business days after filing.
  • If the filing fee is $85: ACC review is normally 25- 30 business days after filing.

Go to the ACC’s document processing time web page to see exactly the filing date of documents that the ACC is currently reviewing.  Compare the Expedited ($85 filing fee) or the Nonexpedited Filing ($50 filing fee) processing times in business days for new LLCs with the received date stamped on the first page of the Articles of Organization that we emailed to you.

One of the advantages of purchasing our Silver or Gold LLC formation packages is that both of these packages include our payment of the $85 expedited filing fee.  Our Bronze LLC formation package Articles of Organization are filed using the standard $50 filing fee, which results in the much longer ACC review and approval.