Question:  You formed my Arizona limited liability company and the Articles of Organization list me and my spouse as members.  Why is my spouse named as a member in the AOO?

Answer:  You told us that you and your spouse are Arizona residents and you want to own your membership interest in the LLC as community property.  That means each spouse owns an undivided ½ of the 100% of membership interests in your LLC.  Arizona law requires that the names and addresses of all members who own 20% or more of an Arizona LLC be disclosed in the Articles of Organization.

A married person can also own his or her interest in the LLC as separate property, which means the owner spouse owns 100% of the membership interests in the LLC and the other spouse owns none of the LLC.  When a married Arizona resident owns his or her interest in the Arizona LLC as separate property then only the owner spouse is listed in the Articles of Organization.

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