Question:  Why did you list my spouse as a member of my Arizona LLC in its Articles of Organization?

Answer:  Arizona is a community property state.  Arizona law provides that all property acquired while married by either spouse who is an Arizona resident is community property unless it is acquired by gift or inheritance.  This means that if one spouse of a married couple who reside in Arizona acquires a membership interest in an Arizona by then both spouses automatically own the interest as community property unless the non-owner spouse signs a disclaimer in which the non-owner spouse disclaims all ownership of the membership interest.

Because you told me that you wanted to own your membership interest in the LLC as community property I named both spouses as members of the LLC in its Articles of Organization.  Arizona law provides that it is a felony to file Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission if contains known factual misrepresentations.  If one spouse owns his or her membership interest as separate property then the non-owner spouse should not be named as a member in the Articles of Organization.