Question:  I know that Arizona LLC law requires that the names and addresses of all members of a member managed Arizona limited liability company be disclosed in the Articles of Organization filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  I also know that anybody who searches my LLC’s name or my name on the ACC’s website will find me and my LLC if I am named in the Articles of Organization.  How can I form an Arizona LLC without disclosing that I am the ultimate owner of the LLC?

Answer:  The cheapest and easier way to form an Arizona LLC without disclosing your name and address is to have your trust own the membership interest in the LLC instead of you.  For this to work, two requirements must be satisfied:

  1. The name of the trust must not include your name or anything that would tie the trust to you.
  2. In the LLC’s Articles of Organization you name the trust as the member or manager and do not put your name in the document.

You should not put an address in the Articles of Organization for the company, a member or a manager that is an address that somebody could tie to you.  Instead, get a Post Office box or a UPS mailbox.

For  more on this topic read my article called “The Confidential LLC – How to Form an Arizona LLC without Disclosing Its Ultimate Owner(s).”

How to Hire Richard Keyt to Prepare a Confidential Trust

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