Question:  I want to form a new Arizona LLC.  I know that the Arizona Corporation Commission will reject the Articles of Organization if the name of my new LLC is exactly the same as an existing Arizona LLC, corporation, limited partnership or tradename.  How do I check the records of the ACC to see if my desired name is available?

Answer:  Click on ACC Name Availability Database and then follow the instructions.  Caution:  If a name is available to use for your new Arizona LLC, it does not mean that your LLC’s use of the name is safe from a claim of trademark infringement.  See for example “Las Vegas Revolver Saloon Sues Scottsdale’s Revolver Lounge for Trademark Infringement.”

Note:  People sometimes mistakenly search for arizona secretary of state business entity search when they want to know if a name is available for an Arizona LLC or corporation.  Do not search the Arizona Secretary of State’s website for LLC or corporation names because it is the Arizona Corporation Commission that determines is a name is available for an Arizona LLC or corporation.

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