Question:  I plan on forming a new Arizona limited liability company in the near future.  How do I prevent somebody from taking my desired name before I form the LLC?

Answer:  Submit a name reservation with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  When approved, you will have the exclusive right to use the name for an Arizona LLC, corporation or limited partnership for 120 days.  Before you attempt to reserve the name you must:

  • Check the Arizona Corporation Commission’s name database to see if the desired name is available.  Don’t forget to put LLC after the desired name and select the LLC radio button.
  • If the name is available, click on the “reserve” name button to go to the name reservation screen.

The fact the ACC grants a name reservation does not guaranty that the name will be approved when an ACC examiner reviews the Articles of Organization.  The name reservation expires after 120 days.

As to whether you should reserve a name and whether it is a waste of money, listen to the KEYTLaw Girl video called “Should You Reserve a Name with the Arizona Corporation Commission for Your New LLC or Corporation?