Arizona LLC and corporate attorney Richard Keyt offers a comprehensive Arizona for profit corporation formation service for a low guaranteed fixed legal fee.  Richard Keyt’s for profit Arizona incorporation services include the following:

1.  unlimited telephone consultations with Arizona corporate attorney Richard Keyt concerning choice of entity, questions about forming and operating the corporation, and other incorporation related issues

2.  name selection advice

3.  prepare custom Articles of Incorporation

4.  prepare a Certificate of Disclosure for each initial stockholder, officer and director

5.  prepare the Arizona corporation Commission (“ACC”) cover sheet

6.  file the Articles of Incorporation with the ACC on an expedited basis

7.  email you a copy of the Articles of Incorporation stamped with the ACC’s “received” stamp the day we file the Articles of Incorporation.  You need this document to open a bank account in the corporation’s name.

8.  give you my custom Operations Manual that explains how to comply with applicable Arizona corporate law, how to obtain a federal employer ID number (over the phone or the internet), how to open the corporation’s bank account, how to document changes in owners, how to hold and document meetings of the stockholders and directors, and how to operate your new corporation and comply with Arizona corporate law

9.  arrange to publish the Articles of Incorporation in a newspaper in the appropriate county before the statutory deadline,

10.  obtain an Affidavit of Publication and file it with the Arizona Corporation Commission

11.  prepare By-Laws, which hare required by Arizona corporate law

12.  prepare the organizational minutes or resolutions of the directors of the corporation

13.  give you the ACC’s letter approving the Articles of Incorporation

14.  give you the Articles of Incorporation stamped with the ACC “approved” stamp

15.  give you access to IRS Form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number), IRS Instructions for Form SS-4, and the Arizona Joint Tax Application (used to obtain an Arizona tax identification number and sales tax license, if needed)

16.  give you an up-to-date corporate minute book with stock certificates, a corporate seal, the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and organizational resolutions of the directors

17.  prepare stock certificates for all of the initial stockholders

18.  give you access to the S corporation election form (IRS Form 2553) and the IRS Instructions for Form 2553 so that you may file the S election form with the IRS if you want the corporation to be taxed as an S corporation for federal income tax purposes

19.  act as the corporation’s statutory agent for its first year.

Many lawyers charge $1,500 or more to form an Arizona corporation, but Richard Keyt will provide all of the above-referenced services for a guaranteed fixed legal fee of $995, a fee that includes the Arizona Corporation Commission expedited filing fee of $95, the cost to publish the Articles of Incorporation in a newspaper in Maricopa County and the cost of a minute book.  If your corporation has its place of business outside Maricopa County, publication will exceed $95 and we will bill you for the excess cost over $95.

To hire KEYTLaw to form your Arizona corporation, complete the Incorporation Agreement online, sign it and send it to us with your check.  If you have questions about incorporating or the Incorporation Questionnaire, call Arizona corporate attorneys Richard Keyt (ext. 1) or his son Richard C. Keyt (ext. 3) at 602-906-4953.