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The best entity to form to hold Arizona real estate or operate a business in Arizona is the Arizona limited liability company.  The LLC replaced the corporation and the limited partnership, both of which are obsolete entities in Arizona and should be used only in certain limited circumstances.  The one time an Arizona limited partnership is preferred over a corporation or a limited liability company is when the owners of the entity are Canadians.

If you are a Canadian considering investing in real estate in the United States, you should more often than not form a U.S. limited partnership to own the real estate.  The reason the LP is preferred over the LLC when the owner(s) are Canadians is because Canadian tax law treats a U.S. limited liability company as if it were a corporation for Canadian tax law purposes, which is bad and costs the Canadian tax dollars.

We form Arizona limited partnerships for $774.  To hire us to form an AZ LP complete our Limited Partnership Formation Questionnaire.