by Richard Keyt, Arizona LLC, corporate and business lawyer

People who start new businesses or purchase investment assets in Arizona and people who want to own, operate or hold assets in an Arizona entity to limit their liability to creditors must chose one of seven or more types of entities. The type of entity selected by a new business owner may have significant income tax and asset protection consequences.

This article is part of a series of nine related articles I wrote about the seven types of entities used in Arizona to operate a business and to hold business assets and investment real estate. The articles are:  (1) the “Best” Arizona Entity, (2) limited liability companies, (3) sole proprietorships, (4) general partnerships, (5) limited partnerships, (6) C corporations, (7) S corporations, (8) business trusts, , and (9) the entity comparison table. The type of entity can have significant income tax and asset protection consequences. The articles discuss the entities in terms of ease and cost of formation, number of owners & restrictions on ownership, privacy, control and management, owners protection from liabilities of the entity, and federal income taxation issues.