Asset Protection & LLCs

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  • How LLCs Protect Your Life SavingsIf you read nothing else on this LLC law website, I urge you to read this article before you go.  It explains clearly why you must put your Arizona investment real estate and Arizona business in an Arizona limited liability company to prevent the loss of your life savings and the loss of the economic well-being of yourself and your family.
  • Protect Against Bottom Up Creditors – Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt created these diagrams to illustrate how an Arizona LLC can protect its owner’s life savings from debts and liabilities of the LLC  (the bottom-up-creditor problem).  The diagrams also illustrate when with an LLC will not protect all of the owner’s assets, which can occur when claims are brought by top-down-creditors.
  • Asset Protection Rules for Real Estate Investment – Richard Keyt recommends that all Arizona investment real property be owned by an Arizona LLC.  The first line of defense is always insurance, but the second line of defense is the LLC.  If you own Arizona investment property, you must understand that your life savings are at risk and why most Arizona investment real estate should be held by an Arizona limited liability company.
  • How Many LLCs Should I Form for My Properties? –  Should you form one LLC or multiple LLCs?  Should you put all of your eggs in the same basket?  How multiple LLCs can be used to reduce your economic loss when you have a financial disaster with one property.
  • Beware the Single Member LLC If you intend to form or if you have a single member limited liability company, you need to know when a single member LLC does not provide top down creditor protection.
  • Beware of the Stealth General Partnership – A common real estate investment situation is a “TIED,” a ticking improvised explosive device waiting to be detonated.  If you have or are considering joining with a friend or friends to buy an Arizona property, you must read this article so you will know how to protect yourself from the loss of your life savings from something your friend might do.