A. A limited liability company shall keep at its known place of business the following:

1. A current list of the full name and last known business, residence or mailing address of each member.

2. A copy of the initial articles of organization and all amendments.

3. Copies of all written operating agreements and all amendments to the agreements, including any prior written operating agreements no longer in effect.

4. Copies of any writing described in section 29-702, subsection A.

5. Copies of the limited liability company’s federal, state and local income tax returns and reports, if any, for the three most recent years.

6. Copies of any financial statements of the limited liability company for the three most recent years.

B. Each member may:

1. Inspect and copy the limited liability company records required to be maintained by this section.

2. Inspect and copy other information regarding the affairs of the limited liability company as is just and reasonable for any purpose reasonably related to the member’s interest.

Note:  This statute was repealed on September 1, 2020.