Forming Arizona LLCs

The following forms are used to form a new Arizona limited liability company.

1.  LLC Filing Fees – The Arizona Corporation Commission’s list of fees to file various LLC documents.

2.  Articles of Organization (ACC’s form) – This is the the Arizona Corporation Commission’s two page fill in the blanks form document filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission to form an Arizona LLC.  See the Instructions for the Articles of Organization.  If you use this ACC form you must also complete and submit: (a) either the Manager Structure Attachment (if the LLC is manager managed) or the Member Structure Attachment (if the LLC is member managed), and (b) the Statutory Agent Acceptance form.  If somebody holds an Arizona trade name identical to the desired name of your new LLC then when you submit the Articles of Organization to the ACC for filing you must also submit a Notice of Transfer of Limited Liability Company  Name Reservation signed by the holder of the trade name.  See the Instructions.

3. Confidential Trust Questionnaire – Hire Arizona estate planning and LLC attorney Richard Keyt to prepare a custom drafted Confidential Trust for $497.  The purpose of the Confidential Trust is to disguise the ultimate owner of an Arizona LLC.  If you are the beneficiary of this trust you would name the trust (not you) as the member and/or manager of an Arizona LLC so that your name will not appear in the Articles  of Organization or on the records of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

4.  Coversheet – This document must be submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission along with the Articles of Organization.

5.  ACC Approved Newspapers – If the LLC’s place of business is not in Maricopa County or Pima County you must publish a Notice of Publication in an Arizona Corporation Commission approved newspaper in the county of the LLC’s known place of business.

6.  Disclaimer of a Membership Interest in an Arizona Limited Liability Company – This Disclaimer of a Membership Interest in an Arizona LLC form when completed, signed by the non-owner spouse and notarized will cause the owner spouse to own the LLC membership interest as the owner spouse’s sole and separate property.  If you are “How Do I Acquire an Ownership Interest in an Arizona LLC as Separate Property?”