A. A person’s obligation to make a contribution to a limited liability company is not enforceable unless the obligation is set forth in a record signed by the person or as otherwise provided in Section 29-3502.H. A person’s obligation to make a contribution to the company is not excused by the person’s death, disability, termination or other inability to perform personally.

B. If a person does not fulfill an obligation to make a contribution other than money, the person is obligated at the option of the limited liability company to contribute monies equal to the value of the part of the contribution that has not been made.

C. The obligation of a person to make a contribution may be compromised only by the affirmative vote or consent of all the members.  If a creditor of a limited liability company extends credit or otherwise acts in reliance on an obligation described in subsection A of this Section without knowledge or notice of a compromise under this subsection, the creditor may enforce the obligation.

Note:  As of September 1, 2020, this statute applies to all Arizona LLCs .  The text above shows the statute as of January 1, 2024.  To see if the Arizona legislature modified this statute after January 1, 2023, go the the Arizona legislature's website for Title 29, Chapter 7.