A. Except as otherwise provided in Section 29-3208 and subject to Section 29-3209.D, a record filed under this Chapter is effective:

1. on the date and at the time of its delivery to the Commission, as provided in subsection B of this Section or Section 29-3210.B.

2. on the date and at the time specified in the record as its effective time, if later than the date and time under paragraph 1 of this subsection.

3. at a specified delayed effective date and time, which may not be more than ninety days after the date of delivery.

4. if a delayed effective date is specified, but no time is specified, at 12:01 a.m. mountain standard time on the date specified, which may not be more than ninety days after the date of delivery.

B. If the Commission is unable to make a determination that the record complies with all filing requirements of this Chapter at the time the record is delivered for filing, the record is deemed to have been filed at the time of delivery if the Commission subsequently determines either that:

1. the record as delivered conforms to the filing requirements of this Chapter.

2. within thirty days after notification of nonconformance is given by the Commission to the person that delivered the record for filing or the person’s representative, the record is brought into conformance.

Note:  As of September 1, 2020, this statute applies to all Arizona LLCs .  The text above shows the statute as of September 22, 2022.  To see if the Arizona legislature modified this statute after September 22, 2022, go the the Arizona legislature's website for Title 29, Chapter 7.