Welcome to the “LLC Operations Manual – Arizona’s LLC Laws & How to Comply with the Law so Creditors Cannot Pierce the Veil & Hold Owners Liable for the LLC’s Debts” written by Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt , JD, LL.M. (income tax) and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt, JD, MS (accounting).

This website is a membership site, which means that most of the contents of the 170+ page LLC Operations Manual may be accessed only by people who are members of an LLC formed by the Keyts or people who purchase a subscription for $47 a month or $97 a year.

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What You will Learn in This eBook

  • Arizona LLC law so a court won't pierce the veil & hold the members liable for the LLC's debts.
  • The four possible ways an LLC can be taxed under federal income tax law.
  • How to create membership interests that are separate property or community property with right of survivorship.
  • How to sign contracts so the LLC is liable rather than the person signing.
  • The records all Arizona LLCs must keep per Arizona LLC law.
  • The rights every LLC member has under Arizona LLC law.
  • How to document loans to the LLC to avoid the IRS re-characterizing the loans as capital contributions.
  • 70+ additional LLC operational topics.
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LLC Client Operations Manual Testimonials

As a California attorney, I have used Richard Keyt’s LLC formation services for many of my clients as well as myself over the past 7 years.  Richard and his staff do an excellent job of creating high quality documentation in a very efficient manner. I have always been quite satisfied with each time that I have used Richard Keyt to form an Arizona LLC. I would strongly recommend his LLC formation services to others as well.
Mark G. Lerner, Lerner & McDonald
I’ve been a practicing California attorney for 27 years.  The service has been nothing short of fantastic.  Keyt’s ability to deliver this great service for such a nominal fee including all costs is a testament to his dedication as a legal professional.  Even for an attorney, the use of Keyt’s service has more than paid for itself in time saved and convenience.
Brian Campbell, Family Motor Company, LLC
After an extensive research of on-line providers of LLC formation services, it was clear that KEYTLaw, LLC stood above the rest.  I was impressed with the speed that my company was formed and listed on the Arizona Corporate Commission web site. The LLC Operations Manual is a great resource that you won’t find elsewhere.  I am very satisfied with the services performed and would use KEYTLaw, LLC again.
Tom Carpenter, Technology Assets Service, LLC
Quality.  There is no other word that can accurately describe the level of performance by KEYTLaw, L.L.C. for me in forming my new Company. I feel very comfortable to know that I can quickly refer to the Firm’s LLC Operations Manual to have the knowledge to successfully operate my business within the law. Hiring KEYTLaw, L.L.C. was the best decision I could have made.
Patrick J. Novotny, West Valley Nitrogen, L.L.C.
I sent my LLC set up information in the morning and received my Articles of Organization in the afternoon with a stamp from the ACC. I received my entire LLC documents and binder two days later. The documents were very thorough and organized. The package includes the LLC Operations Manual, which is extremely informative . I would recommend KEYTLaw to anyone looking to set up an LLC in Arizona.
Richard Balk, LARS Enterprises, LLC
I was e-mailed the LLC Operations Manual that is worth its weight in gold! It is chock full of information to help you get started. It’s very informative with the aspect of what you need to do first off when forming an LLC.  Thank you Richard Keyt @ KEYTLaw. LLC. It was money well spent, and I would recommend his services to anyone thinking about starting an LLC.
Vorn Hause, Gruver Rottweilers, LLC
My suggestion to those looking to form an LLC in the State of Arizona would be to obtain the services of “Richard Keyt’s Arizona LLC Formation Service.” The quality of the documents I have received far surpasses those that the State of Arizona provides and they provide a great piece of mind in knowing that my LLC is formed on a solid foundation. The details and suggestions in the LLC Operations Manual are definitely worth the stand alone price in itself..
Daniel R. Mangru, 7 Intelligent Enterprises, LLC

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Richard Keyt’s LLC Credentials

Richard Keyt began practicing business and real estate law and forming companies in Arizona in 1980.  Since 2002 (when Richard Keyt started counting) he has formed 5,600+ Arizona limited liability companies.

Years ago Richard realized that people forming and operating Arizona LLCs ask the same questions over and over and that he could avoid a lot of time on the phone by writing a book about creating and running Arizona limited liability companies that has the answers to the most common questions people ask about forming and operating Arizona LLCs.

Rarely does somebody ask Richard a question about Arizona LLCs that is not answered in the Arizona LLC Operations Manual, but whenever it happens Richard adds the question and answer to the eBook.  If you have a question about forming or operating an Arizona LLC that is not covered in the LLC Operations Manual, send Richard an email (rickkeyt@keytlaw.com) or call him (480-664-7478).