Novato, California, Dispensary Green Door Stays Open

Novato Advance:  “Lawrence Pebbles, owner of Novato marijuana dispensary the Green Door Wellness Center, is asking the city to support more than 1,900 local patients by allowing them safe access to medical marijuana.  While medical-marijuana dispensaries have been forced out of California cities at an alarming rate, Pebbles has been outspoken on recent federal busts and remains open for his Novato client base.  Federal authorities have targeted California’s pot dispensaries since October, . . . The Green Door received a cease-and-desist order last November from the building’s landlord, David Cesena. After going to trial, Pebbles won the case, said Jeffrey Moss, Pebbles’ attorney.”

Interesting that the court did not find the lease to a medical marijuana dispensary to be an unenforceable contract because it had an illegal purpose like the Maricopa County Superior Court judge did in the case of Michele Rene Hammer v. Today’s Health Care II.

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