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IRS Prepares to Audit, Raid Dispensaries

  • January 28th, 2015

The Leaf Online:  “A byzantine legal memo of potentially disastrous implications has been released by the Internal Revenue Service, articulating a new theory of the tax code which could result in punitive audits, crippling […]

Proposed DUI Bill Targets Medical-Cannabis Users With “Inactive” Metabolites

  • January 28th, 2015

Phoenix New Times:  “A few Republican lawmakers are trying to sneak past the Voter Protection Act with a draconian DUI bill that targets the state’s medical-marijuana users.  State Representative Sonny Borrelli, R-Kingman, is the […]

IRS Limits Deductions For State-Legal Marijuana Businesses

  • January 27th, 2015  Internal Revenue Code “Section 280E provides that ‘no deduction is allowed for any amount incurred in a business that consists of trafficking in controlled substances.’ Because marijuana finds itself on Schedule I of the […]