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California & Arizona LLC attorney and former CPA Richard C. Keyt and his father Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt have formed 6,100+ LLCs.  The offer three LLC formation packages:

  • Bronze ($697): For single member LLCs or LLCs owned by a married couple.  It includes a 35 page Operating Agreement.
  • Silver ($997): For multi-member LLCs other than an LLC owned by a married couple.  It includes a 55 page Operating Agreement.
  • Gold ($1,694): For a single member LLC or an LLC owned by a married couple, but we create a revocable living trust to own the LLC to avoid probate of the LLC interest on the death of the single member or either or both of the married couple.  A California probate can be very expensive.

Option 1: Quickest, Easiest & Most Popular – Telephone (Mon – Fri 8 am – 5 pm).  Call and give your information to:

Option 2: Online – Available 24/7

  • Complete our California LLC Formation Questionnaire.
  • Call our legal assistant Luana Strugari at 480-664-7446 and give her your credit card information.  We won’t collect funds from your account until after we form your LLC and send your LLC documents to your LLC’s contact person.

Call Us if You Have any Questions

Call California and Arizona LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt (844-552-6468 ext. 3) or his father Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt (844-552-6468 ext. 1) if you have any questions about forming or operating a California limited liability company.  They don’t charge to answer questions over the phone.